Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, I AM still here

tap tap

Is there anyone there?

So, yes, I am still here, just doing (or not doing, in the case of my folding) the normal everyday stuff, and getting bogged down with a nasty, lingering little bug, that involved high fevers followed by a persistent and hacking cough, and that jumped from family member to family member. But no snot, thank heavens for small mercies.

Anyhow, today I unpacked four of these:

Which look rather better in real life than they do in this image from ebay!  You get what you pay for, and these were ridicuously cheap:  I am having some issues with screws not lining up with holes.  I shall press on, as they do look pretty smicko lined up along the kitchen bench.  I will provide real life pictures, once I have finished putting them together.  And done the dishes.

Just jokin'!  I HAVE actually done the dishes AND swept the floor today! But lets not talk about the bathroom OK?

To completely change the subject, how cute is this card:

How easy would it be to whip up a set of these using fabric or paper scraps?  And stitched on, although the same effect could be acheived with glue.

Also, have been totally inspired by this digital template album - totally doable in both digital and traditional format - treating the square blocks of photos/papers in the middle as 8x8 and mounting on 12 x 12.  This is how the original designer treated it: she printed out the images and mounted them on cardstock.  I didn't keep the link to this blog (sorry) but if you go HERE I think there is a link.

So, that;s about it.  Kids, parents and teachers all looking forward to the Easter break, although for me its very busy as the weekend after Easter is our local campdraft, of which I am STILL secretary.  The week of the school holidays (yes, we only get ONE week after Easter) will be spent preparing for the 'draft and doing trips to and from town.

But rest assured, we will be making time for the Easter Bunny. And making room for quite some chocolate consumption. :-)  but I'll be back before then!


  1. Great minds think alike - or so they say - I've been ogling this one today as well, the album looks divine!

    Looking forward to seeing the bar stools in action :-)

  2. I'm still here, and I LOVE those bar stools!

  3. I think its like we are all still here, just not so much at the moment. I am doing a spring clean out, in autumn yes I know, but I think I missed spring with all the Hills' Angels stuff and I am enjoying it. It's nice to have some quiet time to regroup. Love to see more

  4. cool stools ( that sounds a bit sus)...

    these pages look niiice ...heading over to check them out now thanks

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  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the chairs in real life... and your made over office too by the way!


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