Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bring out the Fatted Calf

the prodigal blogger has returned!

So, I left the ole blog in quite a grumpy mood, weighed down by everyday and not so everyday life's burdens - sometimes they feel light, and other times like lead weights.  Back then, that's what they felt like.

So, am I any further advanced in my quest to get that list of things done? Nope, not really.  That campdraft, niggling and annoying at me, got cancelled.  It rained, quite a wee bit, over Easter.  So we called it off, neccesitating in the best part of a day being spent on the telephone.  I tell ya, there was no running or competition to get the ringing phone in the house that day. NO ONE wanted to answer it, or have to make another bloody phone call!

Indeed, the cancelling of that campdraft has lifted some of that lead weight, and I feel free to move on and do some other things. Of course, the wretched thing will come back to bite me in the butt in August, when we have rescheduled to run again, but until then I will enjoy the so called freedom!

So, in my return to the blogging world, I thought I would share some internet goodness that I have been collecting for a little while, nothing like a bit of fluff to lighten ones mood!  Without further ado:

I found these cute cushions in an email from my favourite place for handmade inspiration, madeit dot com.  You see, I have a couple of old cotton crocheted doilies floating around - where from I don't know, and also if they are hand or machine made, I don't know either.  I didn't want to throw them, but didn't know what to do with them either. Until now!  Any other cushions I've seen incorporating this sort of things were just a wee bit too hand made looking for me, but this is perfect - combining yummy modern but vintage fabrics and the doilies! problem solved. on the DO list.

Went searching for a necklace to wear to a wedding we are attending next weekend.  Have left it too late, didn't buy this, but I think its lovely. Would like it longer though....

For my dear friend Yvonne, who lurves orange, in all its shades.  Which makes it odd, that she has no orange in or around her house and person. We might just have to go on a search and find mission to try and change the fact that she doesn't SEE the colour she loves more often!

Which we just might be able to do with the help of our old friend Target!  And see if you notice a distinct themethat is in both of the Target pages below - that has crossed from the scrapbooking and handcrafting world into homewares.....  Leave a comment and tell me if you can guess!
Scrapbooking related:  I must have these new divided page protectors from American Crafts.  Leave another comment if you know where I can get my hands on these babies in Australia!

I've decided that the family will be getting me some form of the following necklace for christmas/birthday this year.  I haven't narrowed down my final choice of style and where from yet, but here's another favourite:

Stay tuned, I have my version of Nicoles newest sketch challenge to share with you soon!


  1. scrapbook city has the we r memory keepers ones (but they're out of stock of a lot of them)... not sure where to find the ac ones

  2. I love the floral/pearl necklace and I'm so glad you returned with a fluffy post, you always find the most adorable things :-)

  3. Owls is the answer. Did you try RW if you email Lee I am sure she will get hold of them if she hasn't already. And check out the vintage pearl, it's where my necklace came from and it's more economical than a lot of places in Aust. Need to be quick though think they are cutting off Mothers Day orders soon. Mine should arrive next week. Yes I got a new one! Glad you are back

  4. hoot hoot ;)

    have you checked with remember when...
    I saw a great necklace yesterday...thinking me needs to take kiddles back for mothers day hint :)


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