Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A quest of sorts

Those of you who follow Write.Click.Scrapbook might recall seeing THIS post about organising ones scrapping/craft goodies.  And you might also have been astounded at how neat and tidy and organised, and like me, slightly wistful, about it all.

My quest, as such, began before I saw this post, and it is/was to make my supplies more accessable (but in the thriftiest way possible!).  Things were OK until I decided to reclaim the chest of drawers that housed my papers and cardstock and old photos and the like (it was needed elsewhere to house clothing, and needed some repairs - which still hasn't happened!). I replaced the drawers with an old science trolley, which is great, but not nearly as big as the drawers.  Problem - my cardstock needed a new home.  After quite some searching, and umming and arrhing, and waiting for stock to come in, I accidentally came across these drawers.

Bright yes (but guess who has plenty of black paint left over from a certain shelf painting job?) but half the price of the other more open shelves I was looking at - and more dust proof. AND they fit under my desk. Perfecto.

So that problem is solved (or will be when they arrive in the mail). But what to do with those pesky scraps, that sit in a messy, juimbled pile in the corner of my shelf. Use em all of the time (sometimes too lazy to look for other paper!) but just HOW can I organise them better? Then I was inspired by this:

Don't know why I didn't think of this before.  I even have a similar set in use on my office desk that I was tempted to (ahem) borrow.  But seeing as I am off to the city this weekend, pick up another set I shall (and my office space shall remain safe!).  Now, I can't say I will be labelling the draws, but I will be employing a rough sorting strategy - cardstock in one draw, and patterns - perhaps in loose colourways, in the others.
Below is the type of drawer I will be getting, available from Big W and Officeworks, for around $20 or less on sale. I would have a whole shelf of these if I could justify the need to my husband...
I might even see if I can find a deeper (ie. same size unit with less, but deeper drawers)  set  to house those problem big punches that I love so much.

Then I will have no excuse for having an untidy desk. :-)


  1. I absolutely love getting all my scrapbook loveies organized! I did all that and everything was great (as good as it can be until we buy a house), but then I decided I wanted to try out making bows... so now I have all this ribbon (which I haven't gotten to yet, b/c I need to finish my current scrapbook project first!) and have no organization for it yet... ahhh!

  2. LURVE the chest of drawers!!!

    Yep, mum and dad are moving up north! Dad has been 'camping' up there for a few weeks and mum will arrive this weekend! Dad is working in the library in Charter's so you'll have to go in and say 'hey' next time you are over!
    I am kind of vaguely planning on trecking up maybe during the June/July holidays, definitely have to catch up!
    Hah! I remember mum picking you up from the airport and calling you 'Mandy' LOL Seems like only yesterday!


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