Saturday, April 17, 2010

waiting for mothers day

so, I am just about resigned to the fact that I want gifts around here, I have to get them myself.  One day they'll surprise me and make me eat my words, but I can't see that day coming soon!

so, of course its Mothers Day SOON-ish, and {ahem} what an excuse to get oneself something nice.

In this case, the garden wins.  Look at what I have coming in the mail:

Metal garden ornaments. Inspired, over time, by the gardens in my magazines, that are lovely and have little quirkly touches here and there.

So, the butterflies - might land on a branch somewhere, or if I think they just might fly off somewhere in the hands of a certain five and a half year old butterfly lover, be firmly superglued to a heavy rock and placed lovingly under a suitable flowering bush.

Lizards might share the same fate (glue!), finding a home on an old log and basking in the sun in a garden bed, lest the three year old boofa stash them under his pillow or somewhere else entirely undesirable.

The chooks, I feel certain, might be scratching in amongst some flowers. My mum has these same ones, and from a distance you would swear they were real.  The biggest benefit of these ones:  they don't make a mess and eat anything precious!

And speaking of mail, our service is to change soon, with our little post office closing.  We are to become semi rural as the mail goes, getting a twice weekly delivery from the larger post office 40km away. Another loss to our small community, and good on Australia Post for trying so hard to find a solution (not).

But on the bright side, I now have the need for a mail/letter box!  Oh, the possibilities! Of course, I can't be having just the normal green-metal-sit-on-the-fence type of thing.  In fact, I do believe most folk living in our little town have grand plans for their mail delivery receptacles!  I feel a photographic tour of town coming on (after the end of April).


  1. Love the chooks ... gave the inlaws an owl a couple of years ago and it looks great in their garden.

    Pity about the PO, but the photo ops sound great, would love to see some 'rural' shots :-)

  2. the metal garden animals and at the endless possibilities for the town's new letterboxes! Can't wait for photographic tour!

  3. I share the love of garden ornaments we have a bee a grass hopper and a dragonfly. Same on the purchase own present front. Done that already. And can't wait to see the mail boxes, what fun.


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