Monday, April 19, 2010

faking it

I posted this over at my other blog (photography one) but wanted to share it here to.

Husband totally faking that happy smile in this. Grumpy so-and-so. But I still love the photo. Faking it or not..,

I realise now that perhaps I should have done some photoshopping on his legs. Yes, that is blood.  We'd just finished in the yards, branding and de-horning (it is just what the word suggests) some calves. Gets a little bloody at the time, but looks worse than it is (and the earlier its done, the better for all concerned). But its just that he is in the firing line for the messy part.

Actually, I don't know about that.  I work down the back end, and lets just say what happens down there is green, and smelly and...eww. Ever heard of projectile pooping?!! :-)

Does anyone else have a 7 year old that persists and insists in striking this totally wierd and unnatural poses whenever the camera comes out? Where DOES she get it from?! Too much Hannah Montana?!


  1. I was thinking "Is that blood?" So thanks for giving some context. The pics are lovely.
    My kids don't pose that pose but my nine-year-old either thinks he is a rap star or Richard Nixon based on his weird poses. So I get that. Unnatural to say the least.

  2. Seriously? You have gone all P-Dub on us! Fantastic shots .... never thought to take any after de-horning in our part of the world .... I avoid that activity at all costs!

  3. Love it! Can you swing by my blog and tidy up a bit ;)

  4. Love the new look...if only we could make over ourselves that easy :)


    Yep have a six year old that does the cheesy grinny thing ...grrr

  5. The pic looks just fine. No photoshop needed. *s* The kids are adorable.

  6. You take wonderful photographs! I love the one of the three sitting on top of the hood of the car. How do you get that color effect? I havent't figured that one out yet. I love the way the colors look.

  7. Hi new commenters! Kelly, the photo was a little blown out (too bright) so I fiddled with the lightening levels a bit, and then I ran an action called Rustic Charm (can't remember where I got it, a bought one) which give a rusty, western like colour tinge to photos. It works well with most of my out and about pics!
    Thanks for visiting!

  8. Cute pictures... I am a total city girl, so once the blood was mentioned (and I saw it... since I didn't notice until it was mentioned), it made me queasy... lol.. But I love the pictures!

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