Monday, July 12, 2010

****** circles (and warning more scrapbooking. Yes I am on a roll!)

Alternately this post could be titled bl**dy Suzi.  But let me back up a little.  On Saturday my new-to-scrapping sister in law came to my place to "play" - ie for the kids to play and for US to play with scrapping supplies.

So we did. In between feeding the ever hungry children, we fluffed about and looked at albums and the like.  Suzi noticed the linear design of most of my pages...and I'll admit it, they are quite STRAIGHT (or straight-ish, depending on what angle I have held me head when cutting!).  She challenged me, as I did a nice straight and aligned layout, to use CIRCLES on my next page.  And she quickly said - brads don't count as a circle.  Bummer.

After this excercise, I was never going to use a circle shape ever again. But then that would be wasting the nice little pile of scalloped circles that I gleefully punched but never used.  Look for scalloped circles on a page soon (but oh, HOW am I going to used the darned things...they are so NOT straight!)

Anyhow, may I present:  the circle page: (click on to view larger)

I am not sure if I can say I am "happy" with it (not sure that it is balanced) but it IS done, and I refuse to go back and do something over "just because".  Anyhow - DO YOU NOTICE THE BLOODY CIRCLE? (or half of one at least!) It certainly is different to my normal pages, and took longer to do (and I even sewed on it, around the circle) ....especially in stark contrast to this one below!

Time to complete - possibly under a minute - not including the time make the collage in PSE (maybe 15 minutes) and print. It probably does need something else, but I can't think of what and where, so its done and away.

And one more.
There are those straight lines again!  I like this one - sorta has a CZ collage feel about it even though it was done from scratch and I just winged it.

That's it for now...remind me to introduce you to Millie (Millicent) the new member of our family...can you guess what/who she is?! ;-)


  1. They are all great but I LOVE the Cairns one!

    So .... cicles? You did cheat a bit though - don't circles go all the way around, never knew they had straight edges ;-) And, how cute is that little birdie?

    Miss Millie .... a cow? A grasshopper? A guinea pig? Actually, that sounds like a good name for a cat ..... am I close?

  2. Ooo I like the circle page, the colours and the pp. The other pages are far more you, and i love them too. Circles and I don't get along well either. Millie here is Kate's toy bunny. I go with goat, Millicent sounds like a goat name.

  3. I think rounded corners classify as circular! And is Millie a poddy?


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