Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well folks, there were many guesses to what or who Millie might be (and it is quite possible that we on occassion have unordinary pets) but no-one actually guessed correctly.

And by the way - over my dead body are we EVER having a goat as a pet.  Perhaps if we ever move and there is 50 000 acres for the thing to roam around and very very large electric current running through my houseyard fence to keep it out of my garden and away from my clothesline, THEN I might consider it.

But a minature donkey, well I would seriously love one of those!

Anyhow, Millie is neither of those.  May I introduce Miss Millicent:

She is quite the ball of business, thinks she should be an inside-the-house-dog (particulary at 2am in the morning) and thinks that chooks have been put on this earth just for her chasing entertainment.  But we love her exuberant little personality, her loyality (even when she has been given quite a few good whacks for the chook chasing episode) and her joy for life. Even when she does her gallop through the bathroom, lounge and kitchen and then out again when the first person gets out of bed and opens the back door (who knew such a little dog could be so FAST?!)  She adores the kids, but knows where the food comes from ;-) she is asleep on the mat at the office door as I type (worn out from playing with the kids! Georgie is home from school "sick" - one of those miraculous 9:30am recoveries!)

So there you have Millie. 

But there is more to the pet story.  Last night our neighbour at LC called in and dropped off a little squealling white and black bundle, caught out in the paddock. Kate named him "Nibblet". He's not nearly as friendly and loving as Millie (not yet!) - can you guess what THIS new pet is?! 

Think Luke Perry and George Clooney. They had these sort of pets. 

And just quietly, I think one of these could be nearly as bad as a goat....


  1. Pig,pig pig??
    (CUTEST doggie ever!)

  2. You totally have a pet piggy! LOL
    Loooove Millie!
    Hey I am in Charter's Towers ATM, are you venturing to the 'bigsmoke' at all? (I don't have access to emails, but can get into FB if you wanna set something up!)

  3. Ok, so I was way off track with the whole grasshopper thing ;-) Should have gone with the obvious I suppose - hope piggy Nibblet learns to play nicely!

  4. She's adorable Sharon! Not unlike our little Molly, I must say. They are so speedy aren't they. Mind you, it's a bit like having a new baby in the family. Everyone takes a while to adjust. She's totally cute!

  5. I forgot to say that I LOVE the new header pic - sublime colours!


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