Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I blame that TV show

Australia's Got Talent.  There was a three ladies performing on the show that really caught my girls' eye...let me tell you this story.

This morning I had to ring our school and was speaking to the teacher aide/cleaner/admin/phsyco fitness fanatic lady there.  She was BUSTING to tell me a story about Georgie at school yesterday.  They were doing a little book on 'what they wanted to be when they grew up'.  Georgie didn't really know, they went though a few different scenarios, and then Georgie settled on something.

"I want to be a pole dancer".

Pauline was all "OK, I'll let that one go, that's what she thinks, but lord knows what her mother is going to say!" (at this stage in the story her mother was about peeing herself with laughter).  And so they proceeded to write out their sentence, and illustrate suitably about their choosen career.

Teacher Miss Mac comes along, and sees what Pauline has written on the board for Georgie to copy - and has a pink fit!  She makes Georgie rub out the pole bit and just have "dancer", but Georgie still proceeds to illustrate her story with a girl, and a pole.

Mother still cacking herself as story is recounted.  Now I have no doubt that one can make a wonderful career out of pole dancing, but I really hope that Georgie changes her mind and chooses a career in which she wears more clothing to work - like a VET for instance.  (having ones hand up a cows bottom a far more attractive job, wouldn't you think ;-)

And yes, I blame Australias Got Talent for this new found admiration for pole dancers - those three VERY fit (did ya see how that girl jumped onto and stuck to the pole like velcro?!  skimpy costumes aside - and I bet every male in the country enjoyed them - that takes a serious amount of muscle power and control!) girls really caught the eye of my girls...I think it was the sequins and bling they really liked the most! ;-)


I am quite certain that this a story that will be repeated at her 18th or 21st birthday - especially if I can get my hands on the story and drawing itself!

(and if the formatting of this post seems wierd, it is becuase of doing this from my vista-bloody-laptop, which does funny things when trying to edit/upload images).


  1. yeah yeah...
    she's been watching you mum

  2. Di is making me snort :-)

    Perhaps her little friend the 'lap dancer' ... really, she means 'tap', can come and visit and they can create some sort of show? lol!!!!!

  3. Love it! Too funny. And it is such a great story. Glad you got to hear it! Lap and Pole dancing seem to be popular ;)

  4. Love the story and also a great photo!


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