Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seeing as you asked nicely!

Here are some more.  And if you are not into scrapping, well then, you'll want to skip this post!

Crappy photo (weird dark day here today, took the layouts outside to photograph, and that wasn't easy either with sneaky breeze, and slightly damp pavers from drizzle meant I couldn't put them on the ground. anyhow.)  See the kraft backround?  Again being economical - the white cardstock is stuck onto the back of the previous page - which was the Prep page I shared earlier.  Man, I am getting soooo lazy!  I like this page...except for that tiny bit of trapped white space (see CZ I was paying attention in class!).

Yep, you;ve seen that collage before. Printed it at home (not something I often do) so it is around 1/2 an A4 page in size, trimmed and done.  All of these pages are for Kate's album, so being lazy again  - collage already done so use it again.  And I will two more times for the other two kids.

And yes, you;ve seen that one before as well. It was printed on the other side of the A4 sheet the first collage one was on.  Originally I thought that printing it smaller would not have worked, but I LOVE the versatility and the change of impact it has, while still telling the story!  Both super fast pages. Did them both this arvo, but I didn't time myself - I was also answering emails and the phone and mediating fighting grumpy kids at the same time. But they didn't take long at all. (if I'd had to make the collage up from scratch, it would have been longer)

Mind you, I just used my last sheet of half decent photo paper, so this will probably be the last at home printing job for awhile.  I bought some cheap stuff, and well - I really don't know what I am going to do with it. Perhaps print the my yearly christmas letter on it - its slightly heavier than normal paper, but that's all.

Moving on:

Just for a change of pace, back to a 12x12 page, with an enlargement I had printed  for a reason I know not why, but still, it was nice to work with a larger than 4x6 photo!

So, there you have it - and  I feel like I've got a good way through 2008 - well for this child anyhow. I only just decided to get into this a couple of days ago, and instead of watching crap TV decided to get at least one page done each night after the kids went to bed.  Have a couple of "summary" type pages to do, and then I'm out of printed photos! (yes, I've only printed to October 2008!  its on my to do list, don't worry!)


  1. woohoo...again again!!!
    mmmm...nice collages and love the final look!!!

  2. You have been so busy - I'm jealous!
    Love 'em all :-)

  3. So lovely to see some pages from you. They are all beautiful. Bet you are feeling great at getting some scrapping done. It is theraputic. I miss it, must do some soon. Hope you girls are all good.

  4. Good for you getting so much done! Yay. (Now just to get into current year *wink*)


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