Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bits and Bobs

yes, still here, no excuses, just laziness, pure and simple.

I attempted to try my hand at getting some photos of the kids, being inspired by the photographer in my last post. Was not successful. I admit though, I tried this a little early in the afternoon, the light was quite harsh. 

IMG_0963and the subjects? well.

IMG_0970   and maybe this one wasn't so bad, but it still doesn't have that...glow and crispness that I would love to achieve.

Then I tried these, a bit later in the afternoon another (obviously cooler) day. I have a favourite, that sort of comes close to what I was try to do, which is yours?!

IMG_0948 IMG_0944IMG_0945

In other news, we brought in the neighbour's milkers when they were away, and ran not only the dogs, but their pig as well. Pig was more use in getting cows than dogs. And our Wally now thinks he is quite the Cow Dog, although Cow would really like to grind him into the ground for yipping at her heels. Milking cows get QUITE opinionated about things, I've found.

IMG_0983 IMG_0982

We also went for a ride, helping uncles bring in some cattle. Our presence was vital to the operation of containing the wild herd.

IMG_1328 IMG_1338

Georgie had to ride poor old Charm, dragged out of retirement whilst Mum mounted up on the new pony to give him a tuning. New pony did not step a foot wrong, so any previous naughtiness we hope was a temporary aberration.

IMG_1342 This pair decided to build a cubby house on the lawn using a set of sheets (purloined from the laundry, waiting to be washed) and the outdoor setting chairs. Here they are enjoying breakfast (as you do) at their new abode. They did request to sleep out there, but that would have lasted 2.5 seconds before someone got skeered.IMG_1000 I currently am in the office, calculating my BAS, having been reprieved from drafting cattle duties today. Am watching via NAFI a fire raging to our north (and am quietly thankful it wasn't us again) causing a great deal of damage, with much loss of infrastructure and grazing land. Report HERE as well.

Hi de ho. This is not getting my BAS finished.


  1. Well you have been busy. Sound a bit like around here really. We are getting the smoke from those fires (thanks wind). I hope all goes okay with them.

  2. I think your photography skills are already excellent! Of the three you highlighted, I like the one far right best but I love the photo of the cattle on the left just below the row of three too! I find your blog really interesting to read :). By the way, how do you get the drop shadows on your photos?

    1. alexa I use Windows Live Write and it does the drop shadow thing for me. Makes blogging SO easy!

  3. Firstly, I think Bibs and Bobs sounds far more interesting than This and That. I seem to be having a 'blogging slump' at the moment, lacking motivation on all fronts, could be to do with the dry spell we're currently enduring, though thankfully no smoke to report ... yet! I'm tossing up between the photos of Angus and Kate, but think I'm leaning towards that of Kate, lovely lighting, nice relaxed pose, like the background including some sky. The one of both the girls together is lovely too. Happy to report both BASs are complete, (three days early mind you - no applause necessary, oh if you must)! How are Melbourne Cup plans shaping up in your neck of the woods?

  4. Melbourne Cup? Isn't that something they have on Fashions on the Field Day?


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