Thursday, October 11, 2012

mosey on by, cowgirl

IMG_0703Brought the old stalwart and the new boy back into town for the last few days of the school holidays...this one had to be removed from annoying them all day long, and was found out with them most mornings before breakfast. I know not how she got up there...

IMG_0700Old Benny not overly impressed about being harassed without the sweetener of bread or other delicacies. Thankfully cowgirl was smart enough (or was it the new pony smart enough to keep away from her?) not to play solo on the new pony.

 IMG_0705Old Ben is nearly unflappable, despite the feeling he might have a frog like child on his back....never has a horse stepped on a float with such enthusiasm when it was time to go back to the big paddock. (she has that affect on me too, Benno) The new boy too was keen to go, quite pleased to be rid of the heavier mum off his back and no longer asking him to do shocking things like be lunged  and stop, straight away (fancy). Thankfully, heavier mum means less inclination to get all frisky and pig-jumpy, an activity that mum is rather NOT impressed by.

School has been back a million years a week already, and the count down til the end of year celebrations has begun, and the long summer school holidays. Is it me, or do those summer holidays seem to feel shorter and shorter every year?


  1. Glorious photos - such freedom to be your children have! I am sure they will be so glad you have documented all this when they are older ... And perhaps better to find the summer holidays shorter, rather than longer!

  2. I was thinking the same thing Alexa, there is no way my kids would be doing that ... but, they don't have the opportunity here in the suburbs.

    We have a long term ahead of us - can't believe the first week is over though ....


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