Sunday, October 28, 2012

ho hum

Went all winter with hardly a sniffle really, and then like ninepins, in fourth term, they have fallen...biggest one declined to be photographed in what was hardly her finest hour...2IC found mum's bed quite comfy for a nap, thank you very much. Even though I had the rest of the bed covered in rejected clothing as part of my big ruthless, and realistic cull. Big girl Saturday, middle on Wednesday.

This one below though, prefers to do all of his upchucking nocturnally on Saturday night, which is terribly inconvenient to his mothers sleep patterns.

And of course, with about as much condition on him as a Kenyan marathon runner  hardly needs a day off his feed, has struggled all day and laid about looking pale and interesting (although it could well be the start of the male condition Man Flu)

His beloved collection of cars did not even tempt him, even though I tipped them over just so, allowing them to tumble slightly out of their bag (mesh peg back, has been the Best Place for storing, and carting about, a little boys favourite toys).

With luck, this week will bring far better health - and less need for sourcing non holey, suitable containers in the wee hours. (ie NOT a colander)

Must add Detol to my shopping list. Have run out in my disinfecting frenzy in the wee hours.  Hooroo.


  1. So sorry to read this Sharon - we usually see your children looking so radiant and healthy! Commiserations to you too and hope you get some restorative sleep soon.

  2. Why is it that Spring has brought out the lurgies? I've had two down with head colds, now me! Of course yesterday saw us drafting cattle in cool and wet conditions which had everybody sniffling last night. Love the cushion that little girl is resting her head upon, though perhaps not the softest against one's cheek. Here's to brighter days ahead.

  3. You'll be right, country kids are tuff. Saw a lot of city folk last week - you wouldn't want to know!

  4. No good to hear your little ones are sick and a very exhausting time for mum too....look after yourself.

  5. How lovely the children are. This would be a great memory in their life. Hope that they would happy everyday. Reading the post make me recall my childhood also full of joy and laugh. Welcome to speak out your mind toward my pearl set and pearl necklace


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