Friday, October 12, 2012

photo shoot, of a special kind

Whilst on the subject of horses, this I must share.  We have, in our little township, a great bunch of families and their animals, the animals we all know nearly as well (or more so) than their owners. One in particular is Redman, a horse that is known and loved far and wide for his great personality, gentle nature, big heart and ability. Bred with the famous (or should it be infamous) Taffy bloodlines, old Red really is one of a kind. Red has won campdrafts, brought Santa to school on numerous occasions, mustered innumerable cattle and had many a don't-tell-mum adventure with his boys (and even taken me on a memorable dash through the wattle after a wayward cow many years ago, and let me tell you, I wasn't driving the ship, Red knew what was up and I was just there for decoration!)

And so it is with heavy heart that his junior owners, and the rest of us, are bidding him farewell, as their dad has decreed that its time for him to retire and be shipped north to his brother and young family, to teach the youngsters there a thing or two. But before he leaves, we took the opportunity to take some photos with the dear old bloke.

IMG_0750 IMG_0753 IMG_0762 IMG_0771

 IMG_0778 IMG_0773

We had a bit of fun, with the youngest Toby, showing his tricks and a bit of bareback action (Red being well known for having any number of kids riding him bare back down to get in the milker, and also a wicked sense of humour in giving his young drivers some interesting rides from time to time.)

The middle photos below is of  his daughter Red Rose, who has inherited his temperament, although can get a tad more cranky than him. Although being a million months in foal, I can't say I blame her :)


  IMG_0827 the boys playing about, with Red's daughter Red Rose (from his younger glory days as a stallion)

Toby had some fun cantering around on old Red, who was feeling a bit frisky with all of the attention, his canter had a fair bit of spring and attitude about it.


Red was soon over all of this modelling photography malarky, and as soon as the bridle strap slipped over his ears, he took off back around the side of shed to see if, by chance, there was anymore breakfast in his tub. Red is also well known for his love of feed and his efforts in obtaining feed. Feed including that meant for other animals such as cats, dogs and pigs. He's non-discriminatory, old Red.

He will be missed.

See you, Red.


  1. What a beautiful horse! He sounds as though he'll be greatly missed, but enjoyed by lots of other kids I hope.

    Poor Rose, couldn't they leave her alone? ;-) I'd be crankytoo if heavily pregnant and someone wanted to take me out for a photoshoot!

  2. They're worth their weight in hot chorizos, those good old ponies, hey?
    Hope he finds a nice soft paddock.

  3. A good horse is everything and a bit more - specially to mums...

  4. What a lovely tribute! I am so intrigued by these photos of life where you are ... Clearly a legend.


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