Monday, May 13, 2013

Country Style Racing

Up here, its not just about the horses when its a race meeting. Its far more about the socialisation, anyone with racehorses provides the reason for the gathering!  And Kooroorinya Races is no different although this race meeting is pretty special. Its a grass fed meet (in that the horses can not be fed anything other than grass hay or run out in the paddock - no lucerne, no chaff, no grain) that has run for the past 96 (yes NINETY SIX) years. So many families have been involved over generations and so its quite the tradition for many to attend. As relative new comers to the district (only 40 odd years) and not into race horses at all, I still remember attending as a child, and although we haven't gone every year, we've made an effort the past few as the children are older, and therefore (in theory at least) much easier to cart out for the day!

Untitled-1 Of course we had to have the obligatory family photo - all clean and tidy - before we left. The getting ready process was made more interesting by the fact that we had NO POWER (apparently notified, which we received in the mail this morning, two days after the fact) from 9am and course no ironing was done. However am pleased to note that the generator does run the iron nicely, and the hairdryer too, which brought Miss Mac scampering up the road with her ironing and un-done hair.

I made my own fascinator with a five minute tutorial from my friend Kat (its easy! and if you dont' get third degree burns on your fingers your doing it wrong!) However I made an error in judgement, whilst loving the sculptural pokey uppy bits, I did  not calculate car travel in my equation. Did not fit in the car, and after five minutes of weird posture and head angle, pulled out my carefully arranged hair and pins (and looking at the photo, the darned thing had already slipped backwards on my head. Ran into tree branch) I also broke not one but TWO necklaces in my haste to get ready, so this one was the last one that sort of went, thinking I needed SOMETHING around my neck.

IMG_2829The fashion was indeed high...with local milliner showing her wares, and the aunt and niece combination below taking out the Mare and Filly of the Field respectively.

Untitled-2  IMG_2963 IMG_3017The lolly drop was again done by air, and my kids carted home a heap of lollies in their hats/shoes (yes shoes) which I will proceed to chuck in the bin when they aren't looking. (hello sugar high)

The day finished with a Ringers Challenge, which suffice to say did get a little messy, but provided GREAT hilarity to the assembled crowd.

IMG_3078 IMG_3108Entertainment factor ramped up a good amount when some bright spark snuck over and shook up every beer that had to be drunk on the completion of the hay rolling/foot race.

We were home by 7pm, and in our warm jarmies with eggs on toast for tea, as we were mustering the next day (oh the contrast?!). At which time I proceeded to get myself thrown off my four wheeler (hit a stump) which didn't hurt nearly as badly as I thought it would. Witnessed of course by the chopper pilot (who apparently expressed concern for my well being at the time, although I am sure he will use it against me at a later date. Husband saw me pick myself off the ground, but didn't come to inspect me - she got up, must be right! ah the romance!)

And yes, mothers day was in there somewhere too. How we roll in the country, from races to mothers day and mustering, all in one weekend! Hope yours was a good one too.


  1. How we roll ... figuratively speaking???
    Absolutely love the fascinator, would like to put in an order for one prior to races here next month. Will be in touch.
    Love the family pics, and the action racing shot.

  2. Yes Fiona!

    Love the shot of the horses - great colour and composition Sharon .... hope there are no residual bruises from the fall?

  3. You all looked fabulous! Sounded like a great day out.

    Awesome photos also.


  4. Our week-end 'rolled' in similar fashion with races, some cattle work and Mother's Day thrown in. I just omitted rolling over a stump?! Hope you're healing well...

  5. You all look wonderfully elegant despite the lack of power and all the disasters which befell you! Wonderful to learn about your part of the world.


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