Saturday, May 18, 2013

weekly roundup

   A new thing here on this slightly neglected blog, a weekly roundup of the instagram snaps, which I class as microblogging. Not so good if you aren't an instagram user or follower or don't have a smart phone. Complaints received via telephone of not updating the blog enough have been duly noted (so I hope this fills that gap for you Yvonne!)



1. Odd child #3 decided to go to bed with a small stuffed donkey, which was bedded down in a small plastic basket, and wrapped in one of his fluffy new bed socks. Donkey needed the sleeping aides of a beach style snow cone thingy, and a plastic horse. (its all his fathers genetics)

2. An odd week weather wise with the skies looking promising but delivery little but a coupe of days of on and off drizzly misty weather and rather shocking cold snap.

3. Washing, the bane of my existence. Just when I think I'm caught up, it breeds again overnight.



4. Fires were lit and enjoyed for the first time this year. The novelty will wear off long before the first frost, and indeed The Husband is already grumbling about fire wood.

5. "Hambone Stew" (as the kids call it) cooked in the slow cooker was enjoyed by the WHOLE FAMILY. Even the fussy eaters went back for generous second helpings. Go figure. I won't tell them its packed with lentils, carrot, celery and onion if you don't.

6. My old mate Juliane sent down some preserves from Einasleigh via her absent minded brother in law. They have been the source of much culinary enjoyment, and sadly the source of much surprising heartburn. Consumption has had to be moderated.


image image

7. New bed unpacked and assembled. While it certainly looks the part, The Husband questioned the quality of craftsmanship however agreed that it wasn't likely to be any better whatever the source. Has been heard commenting favourably (with surprise) on beds comfort. And bonus, its easier to make than the old one (did I mention how pretty it is?)

8. Show time again, but under the pump we have to have our entries submitted TWO WEEKS ahead of time. Fancy forcing us to be organised. I guess it will be a surprise when show time rolls around as by then I will have totally forgotten what I deemed worthy of entry!

7. Bed box was greeted with joy by short people after school and turned into a city (or country village?) with gusto. Going on the other boxes included in their cityscape they also attacked the rubbish dump pile with gusto as well.

image image image

8. The stars aligned and I actually did some scrapping again, the first time in quite awhile. Determined to get photos in albums, I have two kids down and one to go. To the end of 2010 but who's counting the years ;-) page protectors feature heavily, in depth journaling does not. Kids telling their own stories when looking at the result.

9. Another culinary winner (see the thumbs up?!) with the freezer running very low in beef supplies and menu options a bit interesting, we tried out nachos. Whilst I am still ambivalent about having corn chips for dinner, it was again a winner with the kids. Mince (cooked with the salsa and red kidney bean mix, plus crushed tomatoes and anything else I deemed suitable to throw in) and served on corn chips, with chopped tomato, some guacamole (adults, kids weren't keen on the funny green stuff) grated cheese and sour cream it was indeed very yummy. Previous mince avoiders (tolerated with pasta) scoffed the lot.

10. We went out last night to hurrah and horoo the visiting ex-policeman and his family after they'd holidayed here for the week. IG regulars will see my little rant there which I don't need to repeat here, however despite coming home a bit cranky and nice evening was had. And I got to wear by new suede boots and it was cool enough to wear winter style clothing! (you know, layers and stuff!!)


  1. That is a great set of photos and I am all for micro scrapping! Your new bed and room looks so fresh and pretty - could be in a home decor magazine! Yep, nothing is made as well as in The Old Days!

  2. I think the new bed look fabulous ... a certain someone was supposed to make us a new bed .... about 15 years ago, out of reclaimed redgum - I wonder if I will EVER see it?!

  3. Nice update Sharon...IG is definitely getting in the way of my blogging too!I do endeavour to get back on track with is so quick though isn't it! Have a great week!


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