Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lots o' lemons

I got a very full shopping bag of lemons from mums tree recently, I love a slice of lemon in my glass of water. However this is taking things to extreme, what to do with them all?! are a few ideas that I've gathered from the www in case you too have a lemon glut....(and looking at these, the chooks must be laying well at the same time, which fortunately for me, with the arrival of new chooks, is the case)



LEMON CHUTNEY (which I am finding a bit intriguing!)

FOOD PROCESSOR LEMON SUGAR BISCUIT (which doesn't use a lot of lemon really but I like biscuits I can make in my food processor: keeps the mess down)



As you can see most of these are smoko based, as any recipe I came across for savoury didn't include BEEF, which is what fills 99% of my freezer (although in-laws have found a good place to buy fresh fish down the coast, so will have to start supplementing the BEEF diet a little bit I think! or perhaps we need a keen fisherperson friend!) Although, that said, as I delve to the depths of a rattling empty freezer, there will be a bit of pork roast featuring on tonight's menu (a bit of a skinny scrawny looking one, the reason it hasn't been used before!)

Please feel free to chime in with your own lemon-using ideas! (I do plan on squeezing and freezing the juice from some).


  1. Sharon, when I've had heaps of lemons from the inlaws I have also squezed the juice into the ice cube tray and frozen plenty to use another time.
    Lemon is mostly used in sweet dishes here too - but, you can use it in Moroccan style cooking ... think ground cumin and coriander with chickpeas and whatever meat and veg in the slow cooker.

  2. Thank you! I just picked up a laundry basket full from the neighbours and was wondering what to do with them.


  3. This is perfectly timed 'cause our Bush Lemon Trees are loaded as well. I've given up my morning coffee and replaced with hot water and a half a lemon....The passionfruit/lemon slice looks good as the passionfruit are ripening fast here.

  4. We have to buy ours of course over here, but have you thought of lemon ice cream?


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