Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Little Campers

Lots been happening around here, don't know if I am Arthur or Martha to be honest, but the big day I had planned tomorrow blogging and paying bills appears to have been cancelled. Husband has gone off checking on agistment cattle/boys own adventure for four days. All well and good, until this evening upon checking a remote tank monitor to find it in the NEGATIVES (not a good sign at all) and the other remote monitor not working AT ALL.

This after I was assured on his departure that all was pumping and under control.

I forsee a day of blind leading the blind as I beg the neighbour to come and help me sort my water woes, as well as endeavouring to not loose the tank monitor man with my dodgy mud maps as he comes out to get the non operational monitor working again (he is most cross with the thing for misbehaving).

Even more pleasing is the fact that mobile phone service at the agistment place requires phone user to stand on back of ute with leg leg in air and head tilted just so to obtain reception.

I do hope his ears are burning.

Over and out. Reporting in once water is restored.


  1. Hope you get that water restored soon! And I think a little trip away for you in a nice hotel where you can lie in hot baths and scrap to your heart's content is in order :).

  2. Wow I hope water starts flowing soon. It all happens when the one who can fix it is away ... always.

  3. I'm sure you will handle it with your usual aplomb.


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