Tuesday, July 30, 2013

so, what do you do out here?

Its a question that drives us - those that live in rural communities and townships - bonkers. Honestly. There is rarely a weekend or weekday that there isn't an event or function or business thing to do, and in between we are working, and you know, just living every day normal lives.

Recently, I went to the  North Western Games Dressage Competition in our nearby town, to watch a level of competition that has never been held in the west before. I don't know much about dressage, do know a little about horses and equestrian ability (although fellow campdrafter/stockhorse persons did agree that these dressagey types can be a bit princessy?! ;-) and holy cow. There was some seriously talented stuff happening and some drool worthy horses there. With a whole lot of feed in their bellies.

IMG_4388IMG_4398I was there to help photograph and record some of the competition. It was somewhat challenging in a technical sense, the great big undercover arena being great to ride in (so they tell me) but a real pain for photography. Took some fiddling and also deciding that only grey or white horses should be allowed to enter within. Took so so so many photographs and wondered about my own equestrian skills before laughing my silly head off (internally of course) at the notion.

Following that weekend, we had some Rugby 7's, fiercely competed:

IMG_4973and just to show that we don't just gad about playing ladies, some work in between:

IMG_3291Which really is a post unto itself: unloading poly pipe off the truck. Our truck (or should I say, ONE of, husband seems to think he needs one for each purpose, so lets say the CATTLE truck as opposed to the CRANE truck which is used for our trough business) can be a little tricky in its gear box, so I gingerly took control of the wheel and resolved to get my gear changing practiced. Given that the track was rough and we had to stop every 200 metres, I only ever got to third, but by golly I am getting good at those three gears. But throw into the mix a 40ft trailer on behind which is attached via articulated dolly (not something I've ever been in control of in my driving career to date, nor studied the strange movements and mechanism of) and one can imagine the wild hand movements seen the rear view mirror when tree stumps and other obstacles had to be negotiated. (husband being on the trailer pushing the pipe off). There may have been an odd occasion where driver alighted and using hand movements of her own indicated that HE do what he like with truck and trailer.

Ah, husband and wives working in harmony in the bush. I rest easy knowing that across the nation, there are similar marital discussions like this :-). Just for once, there weren't a few kids helping to add to the excitement of it all, in this case safely in care at school!

So yes, we find PLENTY to do out here.


  1. Couldn't help but smile at the mention of marital harmony ... it's quite some years since we last lay poly pipe but the feisty discussions which took place are unfortunately still not forgotten. Always made worse by the fact that said pipe is often only being laid as a drought-relieving measure, the added stresses clearly not necessary between husband and wife.

    1st to 3rd gear practice very useful I would think. My main Acco issue is from 1st to 2nd. I've even resorted to having left a clearly visible Nikko mark in our truck which is the mark I aim for when heading from first to second. In every situation where I can, I start in second, not always possible though.
    Anyway ...
    So what do you do all day?

  2. Ha ha love the marital harmony. Glad to know everyone boards that boat at some time. Stressful situations call for creative language.

  3. Sharon I take my hat off to you....you rock luv!!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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