Sunday, July 21, 2013

the toure

Long time blog readers will have read with amusement of our annual Toure de Prairie over preceding years. Why stop a good thing, and so we squeezed it into the first Friday of this busy term. Costume demands become more and more complex each year, ebay being my saviour this time round, with a firm hand on ever changing minds.

The ride goes down the road to a homestead about 6kms away, a family that once had children at the school, and whose daughter had cerebral palsy.

IMG_4057(Where's Wally, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Mexican and the spare kid, a feisty kitty cat )

Children raised money for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation this year, for a local lad's (from the property we rode to) fundraising efforts, which he hopes will go directly to a NQ family in need.

Turnout was great, and enthusiasm for costuming high:

IMG_4106 Local truck driver, dad and husband of superwoman also got into the spirit. We want him to wear the costume on his next triple road train delivery :-)

IMG_4120IMG_4137   IMG_4254

Sausage sizzle lunch was enjoyed, with birthday cake and pavlova for a few celebrating. The hosts explained to the kids about cerebral palsy and how it affected their Alex, who passed away at age 8. The kids have all seen photos of Alex at school and know about her, so it was great for them to get a little more information to process.

And then they all mounted their bikes and rode back to school, with THE most wicked headwind ever, making some of the littler ones get a lift home (my boy, full of snot and coughing, one of them). Another great event that the community as a whole really enjoys and supports.

We love our small school :-)


  1. Sharon I love reading about an event like this and how your small community embraces so many good causes! Well done to all the kids!

  2. Super effort Team Prairie. Kids look great.
    Love the photo of Superwoman mid-flight.
    And what did mother of Wally, Alice & the Mexican dress as?

  3. Lovely community events for a good cause...your life is never dull that's for sure! Kathy

  4. what a wonderful event to participate in.

  5. Well done and I love the costumes.

  6. Fantastic effort! Warms my heart, knowing about vibrant small communities.....
    I'm with Fiona, what did you dress as?!

  7. That looks like terrific fun! Great job on the costumes :-)


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