Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

Firstly I want to preface this post by saying this: I am not sharing the following images (nor any others before or afterwards) for sympathy. I do as I have nothing to hide;  for sharing with you our life, our trials and tribulations and celebrations and good times. I do it for knowledge - for education is key and if a little glimpse into our part in agriculture helps you understand its not all McLeods Daughters, and that we do whilst is full of joy and a great life, is also hard, dusty and dirty, I'm happy.  And that we all lead the same lives - kids, family, food, even though we are hours from the shops and lovely conveniences. And I also do it for me, cause I'm half sure I am going batty and forgetting stuff. And we need to remember the good AND the bad. Anyhow. Just so you know that. Onwards. I wrote the most of this post below on New Years Day.

I shed a few tears this morning. We got up before daylight (no parties for us last night) to walk some poor cows to the yards, to shift them to where there is a bit more grass on our other place. Two cows never left the paddock though (with sadly a few gone before them); four poddies came home. 

The sunrise, enhanced by smoke from a fire in the district, was special. Count your blessings sort of sunrise. 

My job was to drive the ute, with a fresh bale of hay on board, to encourage the hungry cows to follow me along. It worked. They marched on home in the "cool" of the morning (cool being a relative term in the current conditions throughout QLD!!) like troopers.

I made this short little video after getting home from the yards.

These were the words I wrote to go with that video, shared on Instagram.

I debated with myself over posting these images, but I've always been about keeping it real. And this IS real. It hasn't rained. Our New Year's Day has in lived a before daylight start, do we could move some weak cows in the "cool" of morning to the yards. We are moving them to our other place, where whilst it's had bugger all rain, there's been some, hopefully the fresher feed will pick them up. And I'll admit, I shed some tears this morning, as two of those cows didn't get up and walk in with their mates. The kids went with grandad to put them out of their misery. Country kids learn about life and death pretty quick. My job was to drive was in the lead with a bale of hay in the back to entice them to walk out. #happynewyear #wishitwouldrain

All we need is rain. (is that a song?) What was that Manilli Vanilli song about the rain...dear lord am I showing my age now?  Anyhow.

 Bring it on.


  1. I am feeling for you. You know when that rain comes, and it will, you will look back and be more grateful than ever for what it brings. I hope that it comes soon. I hope those ladies enjoyed their hay treat. Happy New Year and let us hope the rain is on the way soon.

  2. I wish for you plenty...may it rain and rain and rain. I like you keeping it real...on the coast here if we go 6 weeks without a drop in Summer we think its too long....for you all in the West it has been too long. Best wishes and our prayers are with you.

  3. I like your honesty. I am sending rain vibes your way, all the way from Blue Mountains NSW.

  4. I understand some days sure are a sturggle.............somedays you deal with everything much easier then others.........Christmas new year period was a struggle for me........seem to be feeling a little better about it's sad when you lose work hard and do the best you can but sometimes it isn't enough.......we've lost a cow and some sheep over the last week..........Mother Nature is making us wait......I just want it to rain for all of renews the land and animals but it also renews us........most bloggers i visit have no idea what our lives are like but it is nice to know someone completely understands and sadly is in the same drought situation...........and I think we should share snippets of that part of our life.......otherwise the town/city -v- country divide only gets bigger....
    hang in there............sending hugs.......

  5. Keep it real Sharon, we all need a reality check. Life is short and gratitude goes a long way.
    Thanks for sharing, my prayers are with you guys tonight x

  6. It's incredibly sad to hear about the drought and it's effect. I would absolutely send you some rain, or take some of your cattle for agistment if I could (you could put them on a bus?). We've had a bit out here and things are coming up green but it's still been a pretty dry start to summer. Sending you rain vibes.


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