Friday, January 31, 2014

Weather Report

Ah, Cyclone Dylan...we had such high hopes for you. Us, and the greater part of NW Qld (and the rest of the state no doubt!). Of course if you have been watching the news, you would be aware that a small cyclone bore down on and crossed the North Qld coast this morning. As cyclones go this one was a fizzer.

Anyhow, its been the closest thing to a rainy day in close to 2 years here, being overcast and mizzly all day (misty stuff you could optimistically call drizzle!), and apparently we have measured around 7mm. LC, being closer to the firing line, has measured around 19mm at the remote monitoring point although who knows how far that has extended. Not a drought breaker, just enough to keep things j u s t ticking along.

But in other news....

IMG_7850 IMG_7853We continued to tail out the poddies, including an afternoon session along the edge of the railway tracks which whilst provided some great fresh green pick, didn't go so well when a sneaky train came along (damn those new fangled quiet engines) and on time to boot (NEVER happens). No danger, no injury but a VERY cranky mum. (idiot children felt the need to get out rain coat during a 3 minute shower of rain that didn't even rate measuring)

IMG_7911We juggled some cattle around, (robbing Peter to pay Paul) in a fairly expensive move, taking cattle from one place (the in laws', half of which we lease) to LC. Not because its still not dry and short of feed there, but because its got a smidge more feed than the other place.

The girls were totally fascinated....I didn't realise it but they have rarely seen a double deck truck load (always at school)  and particularly had never seen one UNLOAD. Normally double deck trailers are carting stock to sale and we don't see them once they leave home either!

IMG_7959 IMG_7962 IMG_7971 IMG_7990We trucked away 8 loose decks of cows and calves, plus a four bulls. One of which didn't want to come off the truck (don't blame him really, I would have been hanging on for that beach holiday myself too mate!)

IMG_8032Australia Day was spent in dropping off hay and collecting horses....and then enjoying a brief afternoon shower of rain (it keeps trying so hard, and just not delivering?!) as we introduced the Lucky Eleven to some electric fence tape. (with great success and much hilarity).


IMG_8057Unfortunately, Wally the Wonderdog's little wet nose also made contact with the electric fence tape. He took umbrage to this and took quite some coaxing to come back to us, blaming us for the whole thing. He has since also refused to go back anywhere near the paddock, fearing another attack by electric fence tape perhaps? Or was it that we all laughed hysterically at him that he has taken such offence to? Small dog, big ego?

And that wraps up the Summer School Holidays of 2013/14.  We're an optimistic bunch aren't we? are now looking to the next weather influence to break the season. Living on hope.


  1. Bloody hell that looks tough.

  2. Those clouds looked so promising. They are hanging north of us just to tease a bit. Hope you get some rain with this next "low" that appears to be happening.

    The benefits of home schooling - those double deckers are around here a bit too often at the moment too. My boys know the drivers so well they go in the trucks to shift our cattle and have taken to climbing up the side of the thing too :o. Our poddies have to put up with dry cracked grain and only the horses get the hay.

    Love the name on the side of the truck though "Storm Chaser".

  3. Cyclones are just so unpredictable aren't they. We knew somebody would get rain from it, and tried not to get our hopes up that it would be us. I honestly thought it was going to go straight over the top of you. Here's hoping next week's system is yours. Like Maria I appreciated the truck name. Love the shot of the kids on the hay.

  4. Well I hope a storm comes in after that truck has been. Hopefully rain will come soon, a bit further south that you, where I was working, manage to finally get some so here is definitely hoping for another system and much more rain to come. I hope those poor cows and bulls enjoy their smidgen more feed. I wouldn't want to get off the truck either if I thought it was heading to greener pastures. Thinking of you.

  5. Brilliant photos, and it seems so unjust that those threatening clouds delivered so little in the way of wet :(. Fascinating to read about the cattle moving ...

  6. Gosh it is enough already really isn't it…I hope what is going on in the north at the moment has some impact. I do like how you still manage to make me laugh amidst the reality!


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