Sunday, January 5, 2014

School Holidays Thus Far - the Scorching Hot Version

Holy sizzling sausages. We were whining slightly before Christmas that it was warm...but didn't that turn around and slap us up the side of the head with a big ol' "you think THAT"S hot?"...And we aren't even in the truly hot part of the state, by about 3 degrees (and I am not complaining about that!)

Anyhow, its been a low key school holidays thus far for the kids. Thank goodness for my iphone, otherwise I would have no photos of the past few weeks. My camera is away at the camera dr....

We've tailed out weaners, following all of the OHS precautions of course....


We've swum in the dam topped up by the heavy little storm received there (now quite some weeks ago). My goodness it was...refreshing. The top two feet of water was delicious and warm, the rest....icy. There is a nice little bar of rock extending from the bank into the water, making it a great way to get in and out with a minimum of mud on feet.


We've caught one of the thousands and thousands of tiny little sand frogs living on the bank of the dam, around the overflow pipe of the tank. They were SO small and so prolific!


We've spent much time wrangling poddies (current count 12) and building poddy containment centres. They get locked up and fed goodies each evening; as soon as I get up each morning I let them out to forage for what little pick there is in my back paddock and on the lawn. Whipper snippering isn't something I need worry about for a little while. IMG_6853 We took a great number of photos to get the "right" Christmas photo to send to family and friends, whilst feeding weaners (and adventure by itself, dad allowing mum to drive the tractor with the spear into the hay shed. Good news, shed is still standing, as is the tractor. And bonus, no kid were run over either!  He of little faith!!)


We put up fairy lights. I am yet to find the same enthusiasm to take them down....

We sent kids to work and set kids to work. We baked pav's.

IMG_6926 IMG_6929 IMG_6941  

We waved bye to Dad as he went off to deliver some troughs.


We wrapped gifts for special people.We (without Dad, who couldn't get away)  rather crazily and adventurously took a flying trip to the City and did some Christmas Shopping. We (or the kids rather) took a dip in the Rockpool and then we had fish and chips for tea on the seafront, followed by gelato on the way back to our motel. (we are now broke from feeding children in the city) 


We got a new door mat, of which I am inordinately fond of. Also supersized my favourite photo for my room. And started stacking pressies under the ginormous Christmas tree.

IMG_7054 IMG_7057 IMG_7063

We (ahem, I) decided rashly to oil the kitchen floor two days before Christmas. One of those bright moves. It currently needs two more coats applying.   But it worked really well. Tung oil.


We've celebrated very, very quietly a birthday of unmentionable age; swum in the pool, chased poddies about, watched movies, gone to town, sweltered in the heat. Helped dad with lick runs and molasses run, helped him snore on the floor in the aircon on a rare day off. We've had dinner late nearly every night as we linger out on the lawn or in the pool in the relative cool of evening.


And we've also just welcomed a new little niece to the family. Born to my brother and his lovely wife, Violet May arrived on the 2nd of January and appears quite the little cherub. We won't get to meet her until she comes home, as with livestock to care for coming out of our ears, and supremely hot weather, its hard to get away.

Now of course all we need to make it a true summer holiday is some long wet rainy days and mud.


  1. Hot hot hot hey? I say leave the fairy lights up! I took ours off the tree when it came down and then I strung them up above the couch! It's a little romantic every night now hehe. I LOVE your doormat! Love it!
    A friend of mine had her 4th baby (a boy) on the 2nd too. Congrats to you Aunty, and to your brother! Is it their first?

    Am very jealous of your brood having so much fun on a farm... my dream to raise my family like you are! x

  2. It looks like you are all keeping busy and long evenings by the pool sounds perfect. I hope that wetness arrives soon to finish off the holidays in style.

  3. lots happening at your place..............hope it rains and cools down for a few days.............

  4. You seem to be filling in your 'holidays' without too much trouble Sharon. Need to talk to you in more depth about the tung oil, could be just what my kitchen floor needs, though I possibly should finish some of my already started home maintenance jobs before tackling another. Started cutting in in the kitchen sometime before holidays and haven't touched it since.
    And now I understand why you admired my sandals sometime back. Great minds think alike.
    Woke to a storm at four this morning, plenty of noise, no wet stuff. Shouldn't have got up and closed the windows.
    Happy Sunday.

  5. Certainly looks like your crew are enjoying themselves on holidays. We had 40.3 yesterday here and let me tell you it was mighty hot for Brisbane and in fact the hottest day in 70 years here. Kathy

  6. The bit of rain you did get has freshened some parts up and a little water in the dam is a relief. The frogs always amaze me how they survive for such a long time without water, incredible little animals. Good luck with the poddy wrangling, thinks appear to be under control. Oh and the heat...I don't look at the thermometer rather choose to live in denial...not helpful but workable.

  7. Where is the piccy of the birthday cake with the unmentionable number of candles on it?? (Happy Birthday Sharon!)
    I painted the lounge room 2 days before Christmas too (still haven't finished the doors)….next christmas!

  8. What a glorious mix! I can't get over the length of that lorry ... Perhaps the pretty lights can just stay up? Wishing you a very happy New Yeat!


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