Friday, March 21, 2014

A different shade

A few weeks and days on since it rained back in February, and ever so subtly that lush greeness is fading into a more golden shade of green.  In perfect timing, and feeling rather early this year, the evenings have turned golden too. Just for short window of time, usually as we are out watering the horses or bringing the calves home to bed. With the grass going to seed, and swaying in the breeze and softer light, it really is most lovely time of day.


Most pleasingly, and only noticeable to me right now as I flick back through my photos, is that the grass still appears to be growing. The calves certainly are, and the horses barely lift their heads from the grass in their paddock (having shuffled around livestock, the youngest girl being quite bereft as she no longer gets to ride her beloved old horse to bring home the calves each evening).



These three images – now featuring on my new header (fancy, two new headers in such a short space of time) were simply shot on my iPhone and are my new favourites. They seem serene and restful in their golden goodness. I guess I am trying to capture that, to drew breath and steady myself for the coming months which will, in all likelihood, be neither serene nor restful.

Although I am told, most assuredly by Fiona, that the rain is coming Monday.


  1. So no pressure then!
    Gorgeous golden shots Sharon. I was assured just last night by a well-respected cattleman in these parts that the rain is indeed coming in the next few weeks ... if not Monday.

  2. I especially love the bottom one................we have the best forecast for years showing up for this week.........we''ll see i anything eventuates...................

  3. Ha, so much is on Fiona's shoulders now! ;)

    I love all those shots, especially the last one. Just stunning! x

  4. Beautiful photos - you have captured the soft golden quality of the light wonderfully.


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