Friday, March 14, 2014


Since it rained, we’ve been enjoying the short lived burst of colour around here. Green of course is the new black and aren’t we enjoying it.


The view home from town one quite removed from just a few weeks ago (one I could not bring myself to photograph)

Poddy numbers have been reduced, with six drafted off and sent to the big paddock with their slightly bigger mates. Stress levels greatly reduced in both mum and kids during the daily trek home to the house paddock, as the naughty ones are thankfully gone. We went back to six in the mob for a few days; until Heather and Harley arrived on the scene. Heather is a tiny little black thing with all sorts of neurosis's, and our first on milk for the year. Harley has seen some rough days and has issues of his own but has settled in well.  The remaining gang are getting rounder by the day (having stopped their nightly ration of feed with the arrival of good green grass, although I suspect they think they would have liked it to continue very much!)



The old horse seems to be getting fatter by the day as well  although no amount of feed and grass will get rid of that high old wither that made certain little boys wish for some extra layers between him and the horse.


Dainty little flowers have been seen nestled amongst the grass and herbages. The land really does come to life with so little rain.



Sadly this gorgeous specimen might have to come out, while its a native legume it can cause a nasty disease in horses. Found it had popped up down the paddock.


Yes, we are enjoying the colour green while it lasts, as so far the rain has been short lived as well. So while the evenings are suddenly golden with the flipping of the calendar to March, the grass is going to seed and the green is slowly fading as well.

Enjoying it while its there as sure as anything like the colour the memory of its lushness will fade just as quickly in our minds.


  1. Love that colour green .... I've been busy photographing it as well. Is it just me, or is this year going flat out past us?!

  2. It's the 'magic in the mundane' i tell you !!!! Did you ever think as a teenager that you'd be writing about green grass in a sophisticated manner? A bit like me writing about mushrooms….life is good pet, life is good. So glad the rain came to the party xxxx

  3. It's amazing how much happier you feel just seeing all that green and golden glow in the evenings...a welcome relief. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. Ah beautiful. Such a refreshing colour and something you must be very excited to see. I hope some late rain comes to keep it going and growing.

  5. Amazing how little rain it takes to change the colour of the landscape. I've no doubt it would be turning a little now though, particularly with Summer temps again this past week. Our enthusiasm for the latest weather system has died down as well, it's a roller coaster watching these weather sites, perhaps best not to bother and stick with the old method of head out window. What a year it's going to be for our industry. Unprecedented.

  6. So cheering to see the difference in your landscape, and it must be so restful and hopeful on the eye too. Crossing my fingers for more rain (not that that is going to be any way effective!).


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