Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking back

I’m the first to admit, I’m pretty slack. I LOVE my digital photography. But with it, comes oh so many photos. And there they sit on my hard drive. A few super, special ones make it to a canvas or a frame (on the rare occasion that I get my act together) but the rest, there they languish, only seen by my eyes.

2010. That’s how long since I printed photos, you know the little 4x6 sort that you slip into an album. That is FOUR years ago! Well, I take a lot of photos, and even with some serious picking and choosing, that adds up to a  whole big fat photo album or two that needs to have space on a shelf.

You may recall me talking about making a yearly photo book a while back. I stalled on it. Yes, that slackness. But I have picked up where I left off, and have started again. I’ve done the drafting of the photos I want to use – the whole year – and its been the most wonderful trip down memory lane. I’ve gone all mushy at the sight of a little blonde eyed chubby cheeked boy, marvelled at how small my now long and lanky girls were. Been amazed at the changes in our surrounds in four years. Recalled what it was like to have a wet season! 

FEB 1march 2APRIL 1

A 3

Its also notable that some of us have slightly less hair these days…and some possibly, just possibly, a slightly wider bum. But because mum is rarely in front of the camera, and when she is, she’s a bit crafty about it, it may not be noticeable. (you’ll have to take my word for it, have yet to find one within the annuls of 2010 that I am willing to share!) I have made a mental note to include ME more, even if it is in the form of the insufferable selfie.

Technically, I am using a slightly modified Project Life Template (thanks to Amy)  and PSE, with the end result being a lovely slim line but chockers full of family memories photo book. I’m slowly getting there, the hard part of choosing photos was done one evening whilst listening to Downton Abbey (having seen the current series on DVD).

One half way done… only three to go to be “up to date”. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist sharing more as I click my way through memory lane.


  1. What a great idea and looking back is always fun and sometimes a bit emotional. I am like that, take tonnes of photos and leave them sitting on a hard drive.

  2. This is on my todo list ... you've inspired me to move it up the list!
    Gorgeous snippets of your life.

  3. Looking good, looking good!

  4. Looks gorgeous!
    Being a nosy parker here (sorry!) ... are these all 12x12 and who are you planning on getting them printed through?

    1. Donna, they are all 12 x 12 with a good margin around the outside, and I think I will either use big w or snapfish photo books - whichever is on sale at the time, as quality wise they are both similar.

  5. I'm a scrap-booker and have found the Project Life Albums such a great idea when you have a lot of photos…..yes I do print them out. I have also created a couple of "Photo Books" as gifts and they always go down a treat.
    Hope you are going to be under some of these storms that the BOM are saying are heading your way…..we could do with more rain, as could most folks.

  6. By the way….I love your photographs!

  7. Loving that new banner at the top and the cow photo in the sunlight...fantastic. It's such a lovely thing to do isn't it, looking back at photos from even 2 years ago. I'm working on my 2013 digital PL pages right now and trying to do a bit each day. It's hard to narrow it down to 7 horizontals and perhaps vertical photos in one week as a day at the beach could be about 200 photos and you include 1 so I've decided that when it's a special event I pop a full double page spread in straight after that week. ie the Samford Show got a page to it's self. Our AFL trip to the GABBA to play on the ground at half time and that way I'm not losing the "big events or events" that I'd like to include more than one photo". I was at my computer the other night laughing at how tiny the kids were and emailed my friends some photos of my kids with their kids. I know where you are coming from. I love the PL photos and little bits of cards etc. but seriously I cannot store all those albums when Ali Edwards and Elise Cripe say they are using 3 albums per year. Great if you are doing a year here and there but I can't store that many albums and went digital. Looking forward to seeing you book, let us know who you are going to print with. I'm probably going to go with Blurb who I've used before but My Publisher (who also bought out Shutterfly) their books are great quality and a friend has been using them years before they shipped them to Australia (she had a relative in the states she used to ship it to).'s great to get all these beautiful photos that we preciously learn how to take better photos, with better equipment off our Hard Disk Drives. Can't wait for the update. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  8. FAB photos Sharon and yes, wide bum or not, you need to be in a few family pics….they are memories (not the wide bum, just the gorgeous face) x

  9. I think we're all guilty of the hard drive overflowing with images, often times not backed up! Gee whiz, those kids of yours have grown in four short years, with or without rain. Loved seeing your photos.


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