Monday, March 3, 2014

down by the riverside

The river reasonably nearby to us ran for the first time in ages with the recent rain, and we had to go and check it out one lazy weekend afternoon.

This also coincided with the return of my camera from the camera dr. So I took it along for a bit of a refresher in using something other than my iphone for photos.



Its nice to have it back…if not quite as portable


The Husband even stood still and smiled. Amazing how a little bit of water improves their stress levels and temperament.




Even weeds look lovely with a bit of rain.


A lovely short outing for the afternoon enjoying the water.  Enjoy it while it lasts, always in the back of our minds we are thinking that we may have received all of the rain that we are going to, which for most of us is far short of a normal wet season.

But for now, we are enjoying the colour green once again.


  1. Great photos and lovely to get out and splash about. Your kids are really growing up...particularly noticing it in the second photo above ie the group shot. Hope you get some more rain but in no floods. PS...we had a tiny bit of rain today which was nice too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. so pleased to see a little green and WATER............amazing what it can do for everything................

  3. You are quite the lensmen aren't you, you clever chook. These are beautiful images Sharon, and to get hubby to smile for the camera is big in my books, mine runs a mile. xx

  4. Just beautiful shots Sharon. Great as the phones are for photography, they're not a patch on a decent camera (at least in my old school mind). I get in as much trouble for lugging one around at the other here anyway! Header looks great, love that upfront grass, horseriders behind shot. Reminds me, another month is upon us, need to change my header.

  5. Great shots! I'm with Fiona, the dslr photos are the real deal, aren't they.

  6. I LOVE the photos. So nice to see everyone looking a bit relaxed, to see water and to see green. Keep enjoying it and I'll keep hoping it isn't the last of the rain for you. Glad you got your camera back.

  7. Fab photos. It looks so sunny and bright.

  8. It's amazing how a little water can make such a BIG difference to land/temperments etc. Someone had fun driving through the mud in the first photo!

    xx Susan

  9. Great to see water in the river. Hope this means more of those fishing weekend blogs someday.

  10. Your photos are so clear and sharp - you do a great job with that camera. I like your first photo especially and so glad you can enjoy water again.

  11. At the risk of sounding unoriginal these photos on the DSLR are great, I've been using mine a bit more lately too as the iPhone can be somewhat underwhelming. You can tell stress levels have subsided a bit, more rain would be lovely for you Sharon…I hope it comes.


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