Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Bush Christening

I’m playing catch up, with a hard drive brimming full of photos reminding me of the year whizzing by. Back in April   - yes APRIL! – my not so little tiny baby niece Violet was christened. Held on my parents property, the event brought together a wide and large range of family and friends of Ashley and Chelsea, as well as those belonging to two other little “unbranded” boys in the district.

The venue for the official bit was held on the “jump-up” overlooking the property.


IMG_0373 - Copy

My oldest daughter Kate and the daughter of close respective friends, Grace, were chosen as godparents (along with a slighter older friend of Chelsea’s) a rather inspired move (I hope!).

IMG_0442 - Copy


IMG_0483 - Copy

Our laid back Frontier Services Minister performed the service. And I took lots of photos… many photos.


The little boys not being so sure about this big bloke and his water, but did not leg it (or successfully anyhow, but there was no wailing!)



Stellar family photos for the album…


Chelsea’s cute nieces Vivian and Maggie wanted their photo taken too, along with my mate Mel and cute Isabelle (obviously in NO MOOD to be smiling thank you very much!) The light was so so good.


After the official part of the day was finished, we went back to the house for festivities. I neglected to take photos of the wonderful set up on the lawn – tables and chairs laid out, fairly lights strung and lanterns on the tables.  Another mate, who was handy with a pig on a spit, and required a sleepover the night before in order to have things under way at 6am that morning. He took his job very seriously.


And so he should have…it was delicious! All catering was done by my Mum and Chelsea, and outsourcing handful of family and friends. No one should have been hungry, that is for sure.

And then…we went home. Sore footed (impractical shoe choice for mountain side scrambling) and quite tired from proceedings…two out of three kids having decided that being on the hill after the christening was boring, so walked part of the 4kms back to the house, until they were picked up by granma, standing on the side of the road like some dusty bare footed urchins.

And Violet? went to bed, plumb tuckered by all of the fun, just after dark, and wasn't seen again. After all, she was only the excuse for the party!


  1. Sharon, your photos are just incredible. We definitely need more posts from you!
    Beautiful setting, beautiful light, beautiful subjects. Love the family out-take ... looks like all eyes on Georgie, which probably isn't surprising, she seems such a character.
    Love Mel's turquoise dress.

    1. The word CLOWN springs to mind...but then I suspect you have at least one of those in your family as well....

  2. Nothing quite like a bush christening .... the camaraderie, always the abundance of food, relaxed atmosphere and of course a bit of dust! Gorgeous photos to boot.

  3. The location and photos are great...the ones of your family are great too...Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. Oh wow keep catching us up! Great photos. I love the location and you are right the light and the colours are perfect. Love your family shots, every family is the same really and coordinating smiles and camera facing is always interesting. Looks and sounds like a lovely time.

  5. That light is just stunning and I can't believe the wonderfully rich colour of your earth. Lovely to see the service and all the happy smiling faces. Thank you for this little glimpse into your world ...

  6. Incredible place to have a christening. What amazing photos you managed to snap.

  7. what a gorgeous spot for a christening...........very special...........


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