Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sports Day

Around the State it seems that schools of all shapes and sizes are having their sports day and our school was no exception. On Thursday just past, on a brisk windy morning, we packed up our running shoes and jumpers and headed into town for the Annual Small Schools Sports Carnival. With the closure of the third small school in recent years, and the decline in school populations in both Distance Ed and the remaining rural small schools, we combined with the local Catholic School to run the carnival. Having the extra kids (40) teachers and parents makes a great atmosphere.

Athleticism isn’t something that The Husband and I have as part of our skill set, and so our kids aren’t overly gifted in that department either. However they do have unbridled enthusiasm and if nothing else, our school certainly teaches them to have-a-go and encourage their fellow sportsmen.

March pasts were marched, with some kids displaying more knowledge of their lefts and rights than others.

IMG_1963 War cries were cried with gusto and passion.


Races were run. With the cross wind, records were fairly safe this year.


Some of us looking more photogenic whilst running than others. My task for the day was to take a few snaps and then record the scores as they came in. Not too rough a job, sitting in the shade in the tent, especially when the day warmed up. Talk about a contrast in temperatures.

The day ran smoothly, and relays and ball games were greatly enjoyed by spectators and competitors alike. Some teams in the ball games seemed to bring in some rather large children…that needed some reminding of ball skills and rules not employed for quite some years.



At the end of the day ribbons and awards were presented.


The biggest and littlest kid in the family coming home with age champion (which, to be brutally honest, wasn’t hard for the oldest being the only girl in her age group, and Angus having one other little boy). The middle child quite surprised and chuffed to be chosen for the Upper Primary Sportsmanship Award.

All over red rover by 3:15pm is a good Sports Carnival in my books. And then to top off a day which was quite exhausting (even watching makes one fatigued apparently!) we got this:


A nice way to end a day indeed.


  1. I have such fond memories of our small schoool sports carnival.............they were always a highlight of the year.............

  2. The kids and spectators are pretty lucky to get to be involved in something that brings schools together. Well done to them all. What a beautiful end to the day :)

  3. Love a small school sports carnival ..... big fish in little pond, big hats, jeans, community, kangaroos on the oval and a great social day out!
    Genetics is a funny thing, we've two kids that are showing some athleticism and two that are as flat footed as their mother. Oh well!!

  4. Can I tell you, half of our school attends an offsite sports carnival for selections to regions etc and that alone involves transporting over 300 students ... sigh, what a difference! But, you know, kids no matter where they are enjoy it just the same ... or not in the case of some!

  5. I'd love to read what else makes and doesn't make your skill set. I'm sure i'd have a giggle!
    Spectacular sunset x


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