Thursday, June 19, 2014

Of poddies

Feeling quite momentous – or not – that blessed day came, after six months – that we became Poddy Free. Perhaps only a brief respite, as Lord knows conditions have not improved drought wise,  but poddy free we are indeed are.



We dispatched the Big Kids one weekend morning, after they’d spent the past weeks breaking into feed sheds, and helping themselves, despite all manner of obstacles put in their way. To send them to the poddy calf boarding school, we took them on a little wander down the street to the neighbours loading ramp. There they were persuaded that it really was required of them to hop up into the truck despite initial reluctance. And off they went, to join their other weaner mates and haunt all who went to feed them by meeting them at the gate and being first at the feed trough every time.


That left with just four – The incredibly naughty Harley and mate Heather (who both found themselves locked up for a few days due to their escapades) and new arrivals Averil and Bette. Due to the untrustworthy nature of their Angus heritage (and fence crawling tendencies) these four were restrained to the back yard and nightly feeds instead of going out with the horses. But given little outings out the back street every evening as we went to feed the horses, for a bit of longer grass.


And then, unceremoniously at 530am one morning, they were rattled into the horse float and off they went, to join the rest of the gang.

We find our afternoons suddenly a little more free at feed time, the lawn a little less hazardous to walk on but looking a lot less flea bitten; the blood pressure a little lower.

And the feed shed is looking a loss less like Fort Knox as well.


  1. I bet you were glad to see them go but might miss them just a little. I hope something good happens with the weather so your poddy numbers are down for the next lot.

  2. Imagine the walk to school is a little less adventurous with no poddies to tail.
    We've a few weaners that are roguish enough to realise there is a free feed if they follow our milkers around. Seems four barb wire is no barrier when you're of Angus decent!


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