Wednesday, June 18, 2014

of sunsets

One thing about the change of seasons and the lessening of the long, balmy evenings, is the change in the light. Oh the sunsets that autumn brings are just breathtaking…






Although the way dark  sneaks up far too quickly before the evening chores are done or children are ready to come inside is not as appreciated. Nor are the chilly evenings, that could be called cold the past three days, now that is a shock to the system!!


  1. There is something special about the light in cooler months.

  2. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! What cracking light!
    Just caught up on three posts.So glad the op went well, and that baptism made me beam all over, what an incredible setting. x

    1. Thanks Liv! hope your brass bits aren't all frozen off down there!

  3. Was thinking that the photo of Georgie in the hot pink top is probably the only one I've seen of her without that cheeky, mischievous grin ... but there it is again in the bottom photo!
    And yes, I'm prepared to call these last few days cold. My old milkers have been flinching as I splash a little cold water on their teats .. all part of the quality assurance, cleanliness policy I adopt when milking.

    1. possibly as she had just gotten into strife (again) about slack animal care standards....argh this child will be the one that sends me to the loony bin I am sure.

      I would have thought it only polite to use warm water on the poor old milkers!

  4. love the photos Sharon...and the light. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane


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