Friday, September 26, 2014


Eight. Hard to comprehend my squigy cuddly little baby boy is now a long lean lanky, callused palmed and boofy, eight year old boy. How the years have melted away.

The eight year old boy was lucky enough to score TWO cakes this go round, a pretty mean feat considering mum had spent the best part of the week prior away at Westech Field Days in Barcaldine. But seeing as his birthday fell on a Saturday, a second cake was required to share with the 6 little friends at school.



There was plenty of sisterly love going his way. Momentarily at least!


Lego and games, and a new hat, boots AND WHIP. All dogs in the district are cowering. Boy can crack a whip far better than his mother (who’s whip cracking skills are very lacking).


Cake One was a chocolate and freckles masterpiece that did not last past morning smoko.

Cake Two was a lot heavier on the sugar laden embellishments. Smarties and TV Snack biscuits surely do hide an absolute multitude of sins, do they not?!


Happy Birthday Angus. Now about that whip. Back corner of the back paddock is a brilliant place to practise your whip cracking, son.


  1. Great cakes, what more could you want chocolate and lollies....he's the same age as Sienna (well Sienna is 7 months older but the same year (2006). Great presents he'll have lots of fun with that. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Happy Birthday Angus ... don't leave that whip lying around where that blue pup can find it! I've seen that combination end badly.

    You just can't beat a good ole smothered in smarties and choc bikkies cake can you for kids? Always a winner. Hope you're all enjoying school holidays.

  3. Happy Birthday to Angus! That array of birthday presents and cake look perfect.


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