Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spring Cleaning

So in the spirit of spring and all, and the fact that my bathroom needs cleaning far more than my blog, but that is far less fun, I give you a new blog header.

header sept 1

Sadly what equals white and code #fffff in my photoshop elements doesn’t seem to equal the same thing when I upload it into blogger. Hence the change of background colour. I don’t like the grey walls. Any one who can help me solve my colour issues, I’d love to hear from you.

Bit rusty at all of this stuff clearly!

FOOTNOTE:  have since changed back the background colour to white.  In livewriter and photoshop elements on my computer (new laptop), the background is showing as white (and code #fffff  - I checked) and yet even when I upload the header into the body of the post it comes up as #eeeee. (grey). WHY IS THIS SO?!!!


  1. Sorry, can't help. Love your Spring clean, I think I need one as well. Great look, hope you sort out the colour thing soon, mind you it still looks great.

  2. can't help either but love the new header..............

  3. Very snazzy here - I love a white background! Not sure about the header colour, what about if you make a transparent header in PSE, take all the background colour out and then drop it in over the 'white' background of the blog header part????? Dunno - can you tell I am grasping at straws?


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