Saturday, September 27, 2014

Guard Dog

With the passing of dear old Sally (also known as The Black Tart from time to time) Wally the Jack Russell has been a bit lonely. He has also been letting down the side in the watch dog stakes, most likely to only bark at the visitors he knows at the gate (a welcome bark if you will) instead of everyone that arrives.

Fortuitously, the provider of many of our ill fated kittens over the years, recenty advertised the availability of a litter of blue/collie cross pups. I chose one from a photo simply as he had a patch on his bum and showed the most blueness.

And so Boof arrived to live at our place.


Very wriggly with sharp teeth. Very friendly. Very FAST.



Also very much liking coming inside. And doesn’t sulk when smacked. Probably would be good if he did as he keeps repeating his mistakes over and over. Perhaps somewhat aided and abetted by the two youngest children in the house.

Boof has settled in JUST fine. The first night of yowling and crying stopped abruptly and we were quite smug in that he had settled in his pen quite quickly. Turns out the next morning, he had managed to squeeze through the small gap at the top of the pen, and put himself with Wally. Not sure what Wally thought of proceedings but it certainly kept Boof quiet . Wally has found out there does exist a more annoying and persistent dog than himself, but thankfully cannot jump up onto chairs and other high surfaces as yet. Wally takes the high ground when he has had enough attention.

It has occurred to me that perhaps having both a Blue Dog and a Jack Russell may be a volatile/rebellious combination. Oh well.

Get ‘em Boof. (and pick up your shoes, kids!)

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