Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seven on Sunday

oh this seven thing works well for me - flexibility!  I have two days on which I can do it! So:

1. We have a goldfish, who we have named Lucky.  Short reason why? We have four cats roaming around our house and grounds. Need I say more?  Actually, I think he has them bluffed - Lucky lives in a round glass bowl, so as he goes around, due to refraction and so on, he becomes this HUGE fish which scares the pants off the cats.  If they wore pants, that is.

2. I hate folding washing.  This post should be alternatley titled: procrastination.

3. I need some more cardstock storage in my scrap area due to shifting around some furniture recently.  I am tossing up between these nice clear plastic stacking shelves, or the fixed timber ones, which are more economical.  Decisions decisions. Also point 4 plays a role in when and if this purchase will happen...

4.  I was saving my money to purchase a 50mm lens for my camera (the 1.8, as much as I would love a 1.4...anyhow).  But I came across a great deal for some coppice log garden edging for the garden ($5 per 2.4m length!) so I am taking my $150 and putting it into an easy-to-mow-and-maintain garden....

5. The whole family has been invited to a wedding in April.  This might be more than anal, but I have in my head what all of the female members of the family are wearing already. (boys being easy!). Providing everything still fits of course, self included!

6. In that same anal minded vein, and in same frame of mind as point 2 above, I have been shopping ebay for a formal/ball dress for a function in...... August!  This is becuase 1. I hate folding washing, and 2.  I can never find anything to wear in the weeks leading up to the annual ball, so I am doing it now.  And I think I have found something! (but I didn't think to save the picture!) I can tell you this, I am not very adventurous or exciting - its black, and there are no plunging necklines or thigh high splits!

7. I love this photo!


  1. I'm very familiar with the concept of procrastination!

    Love the photo too - I understand the need to pretty the garden, the lens will still be there another time.

    We need to see this outfit! And, I can't help with paper storage - sorry.

  2. Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very Nice!

    Be Well...


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