Sunday, May 9, 2010

Warning - light and fluffy, and confirming I am indeed a dag.

and I know it.

I love kitchen towels. You know the ones that grandma crochets, with the crocheted bit at the top, like a handle (that loops around a cupboard handle, or the fridge door, etc ). Those ones. Love 'em. They are just so handy. Not very fashionable, but one has to sacrifice sometimes for practicality.

Until now. Look what I found. Don't know why someone didn't do this before. (well, maybe they did, but I didn't know about it!)

Someone decided to use plain towels, with some yummy printed fabric on top. These would look GREAT in my kitchen - and that dark towel colour: brilliant for hiding  grotty hand marks! (but possibly meaning that the towel might not get washed as often as it should!)

Sadly, I didn't snatch these up when I saw them. Silly me.

Off to do some dishes and dry my hands on my old fashioned crocheted top hand towels.

Happy Mothers Day.


  1. no your not a dag...too cute :)
    I am going to start crocheting soon as I pack up another house :(

  2. These are adorable! And handy!!! Not to mention that it is the lazy way to open the fridge door!

  3. I made some of these in christmas fabric for gifts a few years back! Very very handy!

  4. Make some! You of all people could! And I'll have some with chocolate brown or steel grey, red and green - thanks!

  5. I'm with Nicole .... and if you are taking orders .... ;-)


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