Thursday, November 1, 2012

frocking up

again, yes, I know. Seems there are plenty of opportunity to don the frock, heels and fascinator out here in the bush, and I am not one to turn away from a chance to dress up. Not being alone, fashions out here could and would rival Flemington.

Fashion favourites

Melbourne Cup, of course, next week, so there has been much perusing of wardrobes and wondering how long one might stand to wear a certain pair of gorgeously uncomfortable pair of shoes. This year we have the choice of celebrating the race that stops the nation at a property down the road (the hosts having thrown previous Melbourne Cup galas in their large shady garden) or more intimately, but with just as much style, down the road the road at the pub. The kids, ever the ones for an eye for a day of school (and the girls, a chance to dress up themselves) are understandably, pushing for going out of town.

We've got some cattle work to do between now and Race Day, which is more than enough to burst one's bubble, given the hot dry days we are having (no such thing as early storms in these parts!)...from Rolling in Cow Poo, to Race Day there's a contrast.]

I'll be back to share those adventures soon.


  1. So many social choices - either option will be fun I am sure!

    Lovely new look here Sharon - looks great!

  2. Wow, love what you've done with the place.
    We'll be donning our finest this coming Tuesday as well, and off to the Pub we go. The difference between those frocked up lasses above and us Sharon, is while we can mix it with them on race day, I don't think they stand a chance against us in the yards!

  3. I want to know which dress your wearing :)

  4. Hope it's a great occasion whatever you decide - and can we see some photos of you lovelies in your frocks? :)

  5. The Hughenden ladies always do a 'Fasions on the Field' very well.
    The new Header is really nice - Sharon for PM!


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