Monday, November 19, 2012

mad mexicans and burning logs

Yes, the look known as the Mad Mexican has returned, briefly I am told.

IMG_1368This time I also believe with quite a bit more of the salt and pepper affect. We won't mention that to him though ;-)

Anyhow, apparently conditions were right for a spot of log burning on Saturday evening, after some 40mm+ of rain just the week before. Yes, starting fires rather than putting them out. My Father in law has been busy on his loader and stick rake, pushing up great piles of logs in the pulled country. And I have to say, riding over the raked country is so much nicer now one doesn't have to bump crawl and climb over the fallen timber.

My husband and brother got the fire crazed look, and went off to light up the stacks of timber, also known as windrows.

IMG_1382 At the same time storms were about, the wind fresh and lively, and the kids got their own crazy on (one with a fresh, gently bent collar bone. Don't ask)

IMG_1385IMG_1400IMG_1440I didn't the number of stacks - there were a LOT - and before long they were all alight. The grass around was too short and too green to carry the fire away from the burning timber.

IMG_1450And just on dark, with dark stormy skies and lightning flashing around the edges (the top end of the influence that hit the south east corner of the state with a whammy) the burning logs really were bright against the sky.

IMG_1457And when they had had their fill of lighting logs, and it started to drizzle (not enough to put out the flames) we went home. The End.

IMG_1387(that boy better hurry up and grow some legs, his sisters are towering over him!)     


  1. Wow. We wouldn't want to do that here. The place is very dry even after storms.

  2. Hhhhm, I think I shall look forward to Movember every year! Rockin' the Charles Bronson Trev. Impressive fire photos, and geez those girls have grown some pins this year.

  3. Sharon, why the burning of the logs? They'd fetch a fortune over here for firewood! Your photos are wonderfully vivid though - and yes, little 'un might need to get his growing socks on if he's to catch up :).

    1. Hi Alexa...the paddock in question was once covered in thick timber and very little grass, and so was cleared, the logs left lying on the ground, which made getting across the paddock difficult. The logs were raked up, and I guess they could have sat there forever, but it just makes the whole paddock tidier, with less places for vermin to hide, with the stacks burnt.

      (and as for the fire wood, I guess we would have given it away, but don't forget we are in the tropics AND a long way from large towns!)

  4. The last photo of the kids is fantastic, very sharp, another job done, know the feeling!

  5. That last photo is a KEEPER........ it's so natural and I think the best one I've seen of's happy, cute, and oh so natural...get this one blown up.

  6. Guess what Santa brought me? A new 4WD diesel tractor with A/C and stereo and adjustable padded seat. Love being retired.
    Hope the collar bone recovers without dramas.

  7. The fires look spectacular with that stormy backdrop Sharon. I was thinking the girls look as though they have grown so much this year - but I suppose they have a tall Dad so it looks as though they have that gene - the little one will catch up soon!


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