Thursday, November 15, 2012

not happy jan

A little bloggy catch up on the adventures, or rather misadventures around here. The Husband wanted me to blog about it, obviously because he thinks it wildly amusing, me? Not so much.

Anyhow, on Wednesday last week I was summonsed to appear at the cattle yards to assist in drafting the cows we had to let go because of being rudely interrupted by a fire. Still recovering from the tummy bug , I would have to admit that I probably wasn't as agile and alert as I could be, but STILL....(the rest of the tale below taken from an email which tells the story, why rewrite it again?!)

"I have been in the yards where I have been most rudely snotted by a cow who APPARENTLY thinks I look like a dingo, albeit one half way up the rails, and using an impressive array of inappropriate language.

Needless to say my shin is feeling very sore from the cow trying to push it through the rails, and I have very Dark Thoughts about said cow, and her longevity. Husband and BIL both very unsympathetic, even though I was pretty much as far out of the way as I could have been, apart from back at the hut, laying on the couch, having a by-jingo.

Actually, adding husband to list of things to have Dark Thoughts about. Should be showing far more concern for love of his life and mother of his children"

The leg and shin in question did indeed take offence to being ground into the steel yard panels, swelling and bruising impressively. (although, obviously not enough to impress Husband to dole out sympathy).

IMG_1258 This is the best photograph I could get, and it was indeed purple and yellow, with a great deal of the bruising drifting downwards as is wont to happen in these cases.  Its a very attractive look, appearing like one has jaundice in just below the knee in one leg!

Kids however, are impressed enough to fetch and carry for mum, especially if any of them bumps or whacks the offending limb (it hurts), Mum sporting too a limp that at least works on them if not their father!


  1. Now, where have I heard this story before .....

    I said it then and I'll say it again, OUCHY! You do colour up beautifully, I wonder what pantone shade you'd qualify for ... probably several!

  2. Ouch! Nasty, hope that feels better soon.

  3. Watch yourself Trev, a heifer put my missus up a tree 20 years ago and she's been living off the sympathy ever since.

    1. old nev, the trouble is that is doesn't want to set a precedent and start something he will have to continue!

  4. I'm guessing Trevor isn't a Sensitive New Age Guy. Sometimes a good thing! But not always.


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