Friday, November 30, 2012

random observations and not so profound thoughts

In case you hadn't noticed, we are rapidly approaching the pointy end of the year, and the silly season. Where did the year go?!

I went to the city early last week. Solo. No kids, no husband. Unfortunately, I did take with me the head cold thing that the kids brought home from school, which I am still dealing with a whole week and a bit later. And while it did take the shine off my trip and made me squint with glazed eyes at my shopping list, I soldiered on. Coka Cola has saved me on many a trip home and this one was no different.

Our old dog Sally is on heat. Thankfully she seems as interested in having another litter of puppies as I am. Our other dog, a teenaged Jack Russell who is still in full ownership of all of his dangly bits, is obsessed (can you imagine it?!!). So much so, that after Sally's morning run, where all she wants to do is complete her ablutions (as you do), she puts herself back into the pen to get away from Wally's constant "attentions". Jack Russells are nothing but determined, and a bit dense, he hasn't worked out from the snarky snarly snaps in his direction that she is just not interested. Highly entertaining.


Its dry. And it busy. And its hot. Combination of which makes for tired, cranky husbands (and wives).

We have a week left of school. Given that we are struggling to even get inside by 7pm, lingering outside to enjoy the coolness of dusk, it can't come sooner - having tea cooked and eaten then having to be in bed on time to get a good nights sleep for school the next day. To be honest, we've struggled with bed time all term. Bring on the summer holidays...


I have yet to start thinking about christmas cards and letters...I love getting them (anything more than a few lines on a card) and I love skimming through the years worth of photos to include on my letter. And honestly, sometimes its only way I manage to remember what happened this year.

IMG_1464 This boy lost his second bottom tooth. Tooth fairy finally remembered to visit. They are used to her absent mindedness in these parts.

Santa lists have been written, at least by the two younger ones...I think the biggest one is getting slightly suss about things.

We went to the first Christmas BBQ this week. Hosted by OUR BANK!  As one of the other clients said, he has been waiting 84 years for a bank to give HIM something. We are very happy with our bank and its manager, and we had a lovely evening, eating a lovely meal provided by their caterer, and chatting with friends and neighbours. Bank manager seemed disappointed that his clients did not drink all of the beer provided.

Speaking of BBQ's and christmas cheer, the fridge door is getting quite overloaded with upcoming already feeling the desire to stay home in my jarmies in front of the tv with a packet of maltesers. Festive aren't I?!!

And finally: when did my kids get so grown up looking? my baby is SO not a squiggly, snuggly little boy any more. Although still has a wicked sense of humour. last night he hid under the bed to scare me, and giggled his little head off when I squealed. (I did know he was there, one thing he does not know how to do is hide successfully!) He was still snickering to himself when I turned the light off.

Righto. Off to find some festive cheer. Ho Ho Ho!


  1. I agree with the grown up looking photos...they are's the youngest that I noticed looking more grown up than ever and oh is he a chip of old Dad's block....enjoy the holiday cheer. Kathy

  2. We don't finish until the 21st - sigh - tis a long way to go yet ... especially with summer deciding to arrive early and in full force with absolutely NO warning!
    Good luck finding the cheer - it's in short supply here right now.


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