Saturday, November 10, 2012


IMG_1086at first I thought I had two varieties of parrot drinking from my fish pond. However closer study revealed the greener bird the same, either a juvenile not quite in full colour, a female, or perhaps just one that had a genetic abnormality!

IMG_1090These are the same birds that attack my mangoes each year. Its obvious they are here, preparing themselves for the feasting. I'm preparing myself for the battle. Bring it on birdies. ;-) 


  1. Our bottle brushes are in full bloom, in the front yard, so we have this little beauties chirping loudly for most of the day - great shot - I never seem to manage a good one of them!

  2. was going to say cute birdies...but boo mango eaters lol

  3. Solution is chicken wire over the top, my mother-in-law was averaging loosing 2 fish a day until she found a solution, whilst may not make it look at pretty perhaps functional is needed here.

  4. hi Trudy, these birds aren't eating my fish (only mangoes) so far the only ones that might eat them are the crows, but as at the moment the guppies are breeding faster than I can count its not really an issue!

  5. These same birds like our mangoes as well. I too, am reluctant to share. It has been a few years between good mango crops..


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