Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'll be buying a ham this Christmas

  as opposed to scoring and glazing and baking my own home-grown, hand-fed and hand-raised leg of ham. She is still very much alive and kicking and at this point in time the kids and I are just about ready to do the deed ourselves. Poor piggy. No sense of attachment to our walking oinking Christmas dinners in this house ;-)

We've slid very nicely into the Christmas Holidays here, and guess what? I haven't picked up my big camera once. I know. Shame on me. But thank goodness (or perhaps blame?) instagram for documenting these days.

We did a quick trip to the city to address some dental issues. Which really didn't get addressed, we have to go back early next year. Joy. Did some shopping. Kids had fun, Mum not so much trying to get a few little bits and pieces whilst solo shopping with the kids, one of whom is a great sticky beak and may just find out being a sticky beak means you miss out. #biggest kid


image image

We loved these decorations we found in one shopping centre, but overall, the place wasn't dripping with gorgeous decorations like we've seen before. Disappointing. It was late when we left the city, which DID mean we got to see some great christmas lights as we came back through the Towers. (and the other pic is a cute necklace I bought myself, lovely chunky wooden beads. LOVE it)

Since getting home, we've been underataking some Summer Cleaning as opposed to Spring Cleaning. The much longed for installation of the Built Ins in the girls room has happened, which has led to a great reshuffling of beds and furniture and a great cull of Stuff.

image image image

There's also been some pavlova making, some party attending, some poor spelling (and great dismay from one sad little boy who did not appreciate that sentiment AT ALL) and some wearing of cute new plastic shoes for girly #2.

image image image

The room round up continued, with excess furniture from the girls room, moving to the boy's room, turfing out a set of drawers bound for the office (which in turn, turfs out a cupboard bound for the bathroom, and in full circle, the too small bathroom cupboard goes into the spare room! Those two rooms remain on my attack list at this stage). Fairy lights were hung along the front fence with gay abandon, and newly purchased solar lights for the front steps were hung without the complaining assistance of The Husband. (the shuffling of furniture has overjoyed him as well!)

imageimage image

And that brings us nearly up to date, with some wrapping by the kids done yesterday, and some, FINALLY, mango picking and rescuing from the wretched birds.

image image image

So, two rooms down and two rooms to go (can I get them done before christmas?!) some rum balls to be made and some arty crafty cutting and folding of cardboard to be done with some little friends who had a sleepover last night. The kids have a planned "craft day" at grannies tomorrow and then we are off grocery shopping to the Towers (getting that HAM) on Friday, as well as fitting in a movie at the theatre (Return of the Guardians) and dropping off the Jack Russell to have a little operation of a delicate nature whilst we are in town.

And at some stage, some present wrapping?! The chances of getting those other two rooms organised are fairly slim.(and please note the lack of rainfall reports. Its hot, and it hasn't rained. Here anyhow. Much pumping of water for cattle. Much ordering of supplementary feed happening. Much angst by CFO (ie me) over the once reasonably healthy bank account balance dwindling at rapid rate.) Ho Ho Ho indeed.

Merry Christmas all!

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  1. Never a dull moment up there!
    I would also have to say that decorations down here are not as over the top as they have been in the past - I think it's a good thing.

  2. What a full and interesting post! I love the peeks into your life and enjoy the way you tell you story of family life. (Will you and the children really kill the pig yourselves? Or have I misunderstood?) You are clearly in full clutter-clearing mode :).

    1. alexa, no we won't do it ourselves, but we are all well and truly over having to look after her AND the amount of feed she goes through! Its the Husband's job to do the butchering!


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