Wednesday, December 12, 2012

light entertainment

I went to bed last night, a good couple of hours after The Husband  (who normally goes to bed at the same time as the kids at this time of year!) to find him sprawled over on my side of the bed. I thumped him and kindly asked him to move over and make room. Very clearly he said to me "LOOK OUT! I'm nursing a tadpole!!" and then some more, not so clear stuff about water tanks and water troughs. Obviously the water issues (or lack thereof) of the past few days have been well seated on his subconsciousness.

I laughed and laughed. Dug him in the ribs and asked him how one nursed a tadpole. He mumbled and rolled over. I have no idea if he even remembers this conversation, I wasn't in the mood for talking or inquiring at 5am when he got up this morning.

This middle of the night conversation is up there, maybe even tops the time he sat up in bed, and shouted (swearing) "I've run into the shed!!" or the time he was fumbling around with the collar of my pyjama shirt (with me sound asleep). When I woke and asked what he was doing, he was" trying to see what size shirt you take" (no surprise giftage of a shirt was ever forthcoming)

He has no recollection of those conversations either..

I have talked in my sleep from time to time as well, but not whole conversations where I answer questions. Daughter #2 does however and I have had to wake her on more than one occasion from what was a very vivid dream involving some sort of conflict or adventure with her siblings!

Husband will probably moan that I have blogged about this, but hey, at least its not facebooked ;-)


  1. Heheeeee - that's funny!

    We have a sleepwalker here and it certainly makes for a few good stories!

  2. Hello from Switzerland, where I have laughed for the first time today due to the nursing tadpole thing. It's been said before but I'll say it again, your blog keeps me in touch with the best of Australia... people, scenery, sayings, loveliness. Thank you so much for writing and sharing so well on an open blog. I love it. Merry Christmas and wishing you all good things, From Geneva, Ali (ex-Melbourne)

  3. They do love a good sprawl on your side of the bed don't they! They get to roll over onto the cool side then, while you languish on their pre-warmed section. Nursing tadpoles ... he is a sensitive soul isn't he. Stinking wind down here the past couple of days good for nothing but drying ground and pumping water.

  4. Oh my, hopefully whatever has been stressing him out is well and truly resolved - otherwise you may need to take to the sofa! Thank-you for the smile :).


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