Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I wonder why my pants feel tight?!

Ah, Christmas Day has come and gone and the day of over indulgence in both food and present form has been just that. We had pretty much an all day smoko yesterday, with friends and family coming and going, and the plates of delicious nibblies appearing on the table. I even drank a beer (well to be accurate, it was Apple Cider, but same difference) which was witnessed by husband who thought he may have to wheel me off for a nap (not a big drinker am I). It may explain the wicked headache I ended up with later in the day? or that may relate to the over consumption of many rum balls, choc almonds, cob loaf and mini quiches.

Anyhow, we had the place looking all festive:



with what my dad reckons was the drought version of a christmas tree ;-) and I found a use for that old window, it made a nice centrepiece AND table weight in one.

IMG_1661The kids were very very excited and finally put to bed on Christmas Eve, although that little boy kept reappearing with odd requests way after he should have. (and the tree was even wonkier, after the cat and boy incident knocked it over more than once...cable tied together, its bound for the rubbish dump post Christmas I am afraid).

IMG_1669  IMG_1673

Santa left a letter for the kids that had to be read before the paper fest began...

IMG_1676Little boys were bleary eyed when bigger sisters could not wait any longer - one was hunted back to bed at 4:45am by what might be called a slightly cranky mother - but at 6am we finally gave in.

And I put the camera down, although did take a few more snaps on instagram during the day.

image image image (didn't the old sofa bed/couch downstairs dress up nicely for the occassion!)

IMG_1684 The lego fest began, with all kids, big and little putting their minds to construction. I think the big boys were enjoying it as much as the little ones (and being in the aircon helped, although my pretty christmas table did not stay that way for long, making way for little piles of lego!)

And that was it, some kiddies slept very very soundly last night, and are happily playing with the new lego and other lovely presents friends and family gave them today. Watching a new movie is also on the plans for the day (sadly dad had to go and put out lick and give a non performing pump a good talking to, but plans on being home tomorrow)

I hope your day was full of food, family and fun as well.

PS no family photo on christmas day :( but have plans over the next few days to take family off down the flat and have tuned husband to be co-operative AND happy when the time comes!


  1. Trust me ... you aren't alone with your tight pants! Yet still I eat.
    Love the letter from Santa, and the window frame ... would it make a frame for a photo-series?
    Hope you had a wonderful day, love your sandals too!

  2. Your photos are always so sharp and clear - you wouldn't think of running a class, would you? So lovely ... and your table top decoration is perfect. I want one!

  3. Looks like a swell day! Hoping drenching rain is not too far off to take the pressure off the menfolk. Love the photos of the kids under the tree.


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