Sunday, December 2, 2012

in need of a bex and a good lie down

the kids, now old enough to read the calendar and realise the date, were well aware that the 1st December had come upon us. Yesterday morning, as soon as they got out of bed, began pestering me to put up the Christmas decorations.

Finally, after giving them jobs to do every time they asked about the wretched (oh yes, feeling the cheer) tree, I gave up.

And then, as you do, instagrammed it all. Clearly not embracing less is more this year, the slightly wonky tree is quite loaded, but the kids are happy. Anyone coming to the front gate will be blinded by the sun reflecting off the tinsel wound there, and then soothed by the gentle glow of the lanterns draped along the louvers on the front veranda

That's before we even drape the long strand of coloured fairy lights along the front fence - the bit I love the best. Sadly now, as the garden has grown so thick (as was intended) we hardly even get to see these in their full glory unless standing on the road, so to counteract I hang some icicle ones from the gutter of the back patio. Which I can see from the kitchen sink.

But I'll save the fairy light extravaganza for another afternoon, for now just the finding of the tree and its trimmings and the creation of this little random Christmas vignette was more than enough Christmas Fun.

Please admire my new china reindeer, picked up for the princely sum of $3.

Hope you're finding the HO in your own ho ho ho...I will say this: it was a rather good excuse to be in the air-conditioning today! Its more like Hot Hot Hot in these parts!

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  1. I admire your energy and stickability in all that heat! Hoping the little ones appreciate it and had fun. We don't start put our tree up till at least mid-December if not later, so it's lovely to see yours! Sweet reindeer ...


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