Saturday, December 8, 2012

when santa claus came to town

We are On Holidays. Our school break up was last night, on the last day of school, and along with the kids concert and presentations, Santa always manages to fit in a little pre Christmas visit.

His method of transportation can be somewhat varied from time to time, Santa himself said he has lost a few reindeer down south of Torrens Creek in years gone by and has had to revert to far more less stylish modes of travel.

IMG_0889The kids were very excited to see him, and Santa seemed quite ready to sit down and have a yarn with the kids, he seemed to be feeling the heat, but Elf kept him in line and the show on the road.

IMG_0893  IMG_0894

Elf was somewhat familiar, normally a strapping young fellow clad in wranglers and akubra, the fiancé of one of our teacher aides. He didn't realised that when she started work at school that he would too, albeit unpaid. A former student though, he knew the drill.

IMG_0897IMG_0921Santa had a wonderful time reminiscing about the parents of the children before him, much to the merriment of the audience.

IMG_0900Before too long though, he had to go, but before he left he did a lolly drop/throw for the kids.  He was heard to be muttering something about insurance policies and their coverage, as he mounted onto his vehicle and the elf, with a twinkle in his eye and some not so subtle encouragement from the assembled audience, drove off.

IMG_0928   IMG_0929Hanging on for dear life and a with a few muttered words towards his Elf and a strangled HO HO HO, Santa departed in a shower of gravel as they broadslided around the corner on the way out and departed in a less than sedate pace.

We love an elf with a sense of adventure and humour, and a Santa with a wary eye ;-)

And now: roll on Summer Holidays!


  1. Poor old Santa! I do love his chair.
    One more week for us, though I don't think the kids are doing anything but having a heck of a lot of fun ... canvas painting, fabric stencilling, xmas cooking. Our break-up day is Thursday, with presentations that night, Friday clean-up day. Bring on the end of the week. You enjoy your holidays.

  2. Sigh, you're on holidays!
    Looks like a great night, despite the cheeky elf and his driving!


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