Saturday, February 16, 2013

arty crafty

During the holidays, although I instagrammed it, I forgot to share this here. Yes, doing that a lot, I know.


Inspired by something I'd seen on instagram, and sick of the IM BORED coming out of her mouth, I spray painted an old canvas (some painting she'd done ages ago, truly awful) white and let her loose with PVA glue, scissors and scraps of paper. It may have been easier if I'd made her do rough square shapes instead of random, as towards the end I had to step in and help out. Anyhow, she's pretty impressed with the finished result and that she did it (mostly) by herself.


  1. Looks good and OH YES how I hate those two words tooo..........I say "I don't care, you can wash, mop, sweep, vaccumm if you are bored...usually I get I'm a "I'm hungry from Sienna" but that's usually 10 mins after she has had a big morning tea or afternoon tea which actually means I'm bored so I want to response is "no your not hungry we just ate" now go and jump on the trampoline, ride your scooter etc. etc... glad you got her occupied for a little bit too.

  2. Really like this Sharon and Kate...

  3. You've made such a cheerful and pretty collage between you - inspired thinking! Hopefully, she will have learnt that she can do this again ...


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