Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun and Games

Alternately titled "Bloody Cat". In the interests of keeping it real over here at The Quiet Life (what was I thinking when I named my blog so? more apt would have been "A serve of mayhem with chaos on the side") I must share our current state of being. 

We have this cat, the last (long story) of the three destructo kitties we reared last year. We call him Max. He's a black bush cat, sleek and slightly physco. He's been doing a marvellous job at keeping the rat and mouse population in the sheds down to a dull roar (and bunnies too, during spring). The trouble is, the darned cat just isn't hungry enough. As a consequence, and only discovered the past three days, he has been leaving bodies around - out of sight in all sorts of hidden places - under the house. We know this because of the delicate aroma being emitted from the general vicinity of the back steps. Despite extensive searches (well, five minutes with a torch looking in exposed and easy to see spots, with no real desire to find the evidence, as THEN what?!) the final resting place has not been discovered and we've just had to grin and bear it. And not hang about the back steps for too long ;-)

I thought things were on the improve this morning. On the way to the laundry, my twitching nose has discovered a fresh-ish kill. In a different spot under the house. BLOODY CAT. 

ANYHOW. In happier news, WOOHOO! the kitchen is done. Despite my being a rather lacklustre housekeeper, I was rather over the displaced kitchen paraphernalia and the other crap stuff piling up around it as a consequence. Lets enjoy the before, and after shots shall we?!


Please note the old stove, which gave me a tingle (and cause to use bad language) when cleaning the wall behind it the other day.  (handyman is fixing the unpainted windows).

IMG_2135Slowly getting there.

  IMG_2137AND DONE!!!  IMG_2155 Isn't that stove just a work of beauty in itself?!! and is the first ceramic topped, fan forced oven I have used. Loving it sick.

IMG_2146I also had a stroke of genius, when about to rehang the hook that I used to hang my draining rack off when not in use (hate it cluttering up the draining board). I dug out one of my ceramic drawers knobs, which I have been saving for refurbishing a chest of drawers. That's not going to happen any time soon so I might as well enjoy the prettiness now!  It makes me smile, as does the freshly painted windows and sill.

Which are firmly shut at the moment, keeping out the aroma of Max's handiwork. Bloody cat.


  1. Looks super Sharon. How about that stove? Have just bought some white enamel paint to slap over my mildewed, chipped and peeling kitchen window sills. That's as far as this year's kitchen reno budget will stretch! Pleased to hear of some rain in your area. I'm not a fan of cats though after an extended plague of rodents last year, I was nearly tempted.

  2. It looks wonderful - love the combination of that antique looking knob and the fresh modern look of the kitchen (though over here, we'd be putting those tongue and groove boards back!). Blooming cat!

  3. Looks great........we'll expect to see some baking creation posts now...enjoy it. If you have to be in the kitchen you may as well be a lovely one.


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