Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random oddments

images from my hard drive, discovered today when searching for a file, one that I had forgotten what I had named it.  That fact, and these images which I had forgotten about entirely, are quite indicative of my scatty brain at the moment. So, here I present, absolute fluff, may you find it inspiring.

8387349031_cc58f22ffa_z old window 2 old window

 stop-seeking-out-the-storms-mini-prints-final sunshine canvas windmill art work paving

(The last two photos: I believe it was the windmill as wall art on the left, and the paving treatment on the right, that caught my eye).

Ok, off to find what's left of my marbles. Hooroo!


  1. How cool is that windmill? I love it!

  2. Great pics Sharon. The windmill idea is so simple and effective, however I think my husband would kill me if I dragged one into our house;)


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