Thursday, February 21, 2013

making do

My biggest girl has been long asking for a desk in her shared bedroom. I've resisted, seeing as 1. there isn't room and 2. she is SUCH a hoarder.

But with their dollhouse being outgrown and ready to be passed along or put into storage for future little girls to play with, its opened up a little space.

Unfortunately, cute little bargain filled second hand shops are in short supply here and I am SO kicking myself that I did not snap up a timber desk and hutch set up that I did see last year for $50 (!!) even though I had, at the time, no where to put it. So I am unlikely to find a small, cute old timber desk any time soon, even my beloved ebay fails me in this instance, not many offer postage on furniture! And I don't have any desire to slap down 500 bucks for a fancy new desk from the furniture shop/

I'll be keeping my eye open, but I think I've found a solution to my desk problem. (thanks pinterest)


Next time I get near one of those discount stores, I'll seek out a two cube units, and then I'll simply add a bit of plywood to the top. Painted white, or perhaps even covered with oilcloth. A chair I already have.

Sadly, living 400kms from the nearest store that sells what I am after means this project won't happen overnight, but it will happen. Sometimes making do, or finding alternatives, turns out so much better.

I'll share when I get it done.


  1. What a great idea. I like the sound of the oilcloth too.

  2. Love the look of the above desk. I found a tutorial on making a 'fold-down' desk I'd considered for Jess. Will email you the link, though the image above looks terrific (and less stressful).

  3. A great idea Sharon - I have also seen this type of desk using an a-frame arrangement for the legs at each end.

  4. Yes, that looks just lovely - great idea. When I was at college we used to make desk from packing crates and planks, so this is a deluxe version! You don't have any wooden crates that could be painted, do you?


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