Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dodgy Birthday Cakes 2013 #10

Poor Kate always ends up with the dodgiest cakes - end of school holidays, start of school, its soo hot...needless to say baking and decorating inspiration are always at an all time low. This year was no different:


It actually looked better in real life, and the pale pink buttercream turned out really well, which makes a change for me.


The candles were lit and were blown out very quickly (a strong breeze helped!) and cake devoured in record time, despite there being less kids at school this year!

I'm getting a bit slack with the photos I have to say, I didn't take many at all (a few more on my phone, which I have been using a lot!)The

I now have a child in double digits...scary much! She was a very lucky girl and got a lot of thoughtful presents from family and friends and so was feeling very loved and special. Granma got her a 500 piece puzzle which we put at the end of the dining table. Lets just say she didn't do a whole lot of it, but Mum, Dad and sister did. Distracting, mind bending bloody thing. But now of course we are all hooked and even Dad has said I need to get another. I'll think about it. He thought Instagram was bad at wasting my time...

One cake down, three to go...


  1. Very impressed Dad worked on the puzzle!

    You know, you don't need a stack of photos - the ones you have are great, especially the second one here today!

  2. Do you think that Georgie girl will be a scene-stealer all her life? We have a second daughter much the same, thankfully the first-born is as tolerant as the next one is cheeky. Second daughter is twelve this week, with father having sent me off on tractor pulling plough this morning, I'm wondering when there will be a break in the rounds this week to make the damned rainbow cake she's ordered! Remember the days when rainbow cake's consisted of three layers - pink, brown and white! I might just surprise her!


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